Short Story..Broken… Part 5

As i watched him get dressed and walk out of the door, i felt my heart breaking into even more smaller pieces, but this time it wasnt because i was hurt, it wasnt because i just found him with Mollie, it was because deep inside my heart i now knew what i had to do. I saw the end of our marriage, and it made my heart ache.

” I’m really glad you gave me a second chance Rosie, because i really love you. I’ll call you later”.. He said as he tried to kiss me on the lips, but didnt manage because i averted my head and gave him the cheek.
 Over the following weeks i poured myself onto my work, making sure that i fill my time and every time Nick called i just ignored his calls. Every night i slept in the guest bedroom because i could not bare sleeping in the same bed i used to share with him, and the nights became lonelier as the weeks passed.  After a month of avoiding his calls, i decided it was time i sent him the divorce papers, i had filled for the a week after the last time we had sex and stayed with them for so long because i was too scared that once they go out then i will really have to deal with the divorce. As i walked up the stares to our apartment from work i found him sitting by the door reading a newspaper, for a moment i thought about turning back and leaving him there, but before i could decide what to do he turned his head toward me and stared at me.
” Rosie, i have been calling you for more than a month now, and then out of the blue i get these” ? He said holding up the divorce papers. As i looked from the papers to his eyes, i saw that he actually seemed hurt, even surprised.
” Nick you slept with some one else, you had an affair, you thought that was just going to go away and i would forgive you” I asked him all the while wondering why we are having this conversation for the millionth time. The problem with Nick has always been that he believes that he is entitled to whatever it is that he wants, looking at him now i realize he has lost weight, he looks old and defeated, and this makes me wonder if he really is hurt and if he still loves me and then i quickly push the thought away from my mind because i know where it will lead me. I open the door and let him in, then as we sit on the couch across each other he asks ” Our marriage is really over isnt it? “.
I let him know yes, and then tell him that i want to put the apartment for sale, unless he wants to keep it and stay in it.
” Rosie i bought this apartment because you loved it remember” He continues to talk with a sad sideways smile.
” I would like you to keep it and everything else that we had, its my fault that i fucked up our marriage and i hurt you, so please keep it and do as you please with it”
 We both stand up at the same time as he prepares to leave and are automatically drawn to each other. As we stand there hugging for what seems like an eternity, i feel tears streaming down my cheeks.
” Good bye Rosie, i will always love you, and i promise ill sign the papers as soon as i can” He kisses me one last time on my cheek. Then goes to walk out of the room
I watch  my husband for the last time as he walks out of our apartment and my life and know that i made the right decision, it won’t be easy i know that. The thing with love is, it never is easy, your heart never stops loving someone just because your brain decides to end the relationship. Love always finds you easily, but it is always ten times harder to forget about love. My heart may be broken, but i know i will be able to put it back together one small piece at a time.

32 thoughts on “Short Story..Broken… Part 5

  1. Hmm good .. a good decision taken although I am of the view that one shud try to mend things .. But totally understand where you coming from in this article.

    All the best to both of them .. loved the story

    • Thank you so much Bikram for staying through the whole story.. :-).. i’m glad you liked it, sometimes a relationships can never be mended. so all we can do is move on and try to forgive and forget.. 🙂

  2. Wow. I loved the end. The picture at the end too. For me I think of the picture as her heart. Like a reflection of herself and her heart. She is broke. Like the picture. But when she finally puts the pieces back together I know and she will know she is beautiful.

  3. 2 broken lives…a million pieces to sweep up and try to put back together. I love the change from her becoming weak to strong and him going from strong to being the weak and broken one 🙂

    • Yup.. im glad you liked it.. :-).. it just goes to show that one can not be strong forever, especially if he hurts others, and that if you were once weak, you can become strong again if you work hard at it.. 😀

  4. This deals with difficult material but you keep this moving forward with an ending you earlier set up as inevitable. Also you communicate the difficulty of this decision and did not oversimplify. There is a good market for this genre, particularly in the short novel format. Look forward to the next story!

    • Thank you so much!!! I always get a little nervous when ever i see you commented, (good nervous).. because i know that you always honestly critique me and tell me your honest opinion.. I really appreciate that.. 😀

  5. I filled a lot of my time with work. Crammed it in. Only the past few days have I had time to think and reflect. That’s where my post came from…

  6. hey, remember me?
    i have read the whole story whether it is true or not i think its a really well written and sad story and if it is true i think the right decision was made and that nothing other than that should have been made i really enjoyed reading it and hope to see more stories like this in the future and buy the way i subscribed to ur blog and great blog much better than what i have well this is it for now

    Wajeeh Agbariya

  7. nice to see the finished story at last. i know i’m late to read the ending since my other life caught up with me. lol i’m really glad that i got to read this story from the beginning to the end. each episode left me mixed feelings and this one too is the same. i still can’t understand how that guy who slept with another woman opens his mouth and say i still love you with a straight face. sex in an relationship is a private thing and it is there to enhance one’s relationship, and my deepest belief is that when a partner haves sex with someone else it devalues the relationship. it is what happened in this relationship too. and i totally agree with the narrator and the course she took.
    melancholic and if you develop your skills in storytelling and specially captivating readers with details you might land yourself on a book deal. keep up the good work. this is truly a wonderful story and i’m looking forward to see more stories by you.

    • Thank you so much,i’m really very flattered and i also hope to have a book deal someday, it is my dream to be a published writer.. I hope to have you read more of my stories in the future.. 😀

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