Sweet Everlasting love..

What a night it shall be

Rose paddles swathe the floor in loveliness 
Candles illuminate the room in splendor
The silhouette of your solid manly body entices me
I can almost feel your rough hands caressing my soft skin
I want to feel your hot breath on my neck
To lay in your strong hands as you impatiently take me
To look in your eyes and see the lust and desire
As you claim me now and forever
Making me yours to devour as you please for eternity
As my gown drops to the floor my heart skips a beat
Knowing very well that all my dreams are drawing nearer 
Your soft lingering kisses become passionate by the second
Fumbling eagerly with your tuxedo i can see the excitement in your eyes
This night we have been waiting for for ages
Tonight we finally seal our love..

Love feed my soul

Love is a divine

Fruit of spirit

Come sweet love

Rest upon me 

Till our nature is transformed

Love soar to glory

Descend to sorrow

Grace connected to eternity

Sweet from the eye

Closely binding two souls

The End Is Near…

The end is upon us

I can feel it throbbing through my bones
I can see the devotion fading from your eyes
I can sense the poison of dislike pulsating through my veins
The bond we took time to build is wilting into nothingness
Forever we have tried to keep it alive, to keep the fire blazing
The more i accelerate the fire, the more you throw sand on the fire
We forever work against each other in this fight
Is it not right for us to just throw in the towel
Is our union worth the brawl

She Cast A Spell On Me…

We lie here next to each other

In the dark of the night
As she slip deeper and deeper into nothingness
So peacefully she breathes fluffed up like a light feather
So light, her chest moves up and down
Like a sweet, beautiful angel she rests
Like a flexible gorgeous ballerina her body lounges
Limbs spread out and stretched out
Her skin so soft i cant stop caressing it
Her magnificent radiance astonishes me
She is not like the others
Like a sexy vixen she cast a spell on me
She made me surrender myself to her
How she did it i have no idea
But in no time she made me hers
And hers i shall be for life

Me Against The Light….

I stand in the darkness perplexed
Trying to find the switch to no avail
Have been asleep for days
Yet the sun does not appear
Round and round i go searching for a way out
Shadows linger waiting for my last breath
I hear sounds of freedom and radiance flowing from afar
Just as I see a ray of hope
Gloom engulfs me once more
Like a flower i wilt to my inevitable demise

My Second Award… YEEYY!!

I’m really stoked to see my blog nominated for a second award which i have been nominated for by Miss TinyToes and Writeitfeelit. I never thought my blog would be so appreciated by so many people. Thanks a lot http://atinytoes.wordpress.com/  and http://writeitfeelit.wordpress.com/. This award is called LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. 😀

About this award: This is an award given to blogs that have less than 200 followers and deserve more recognition and encouragement.There are some guidelines that has to be followed while giving or receiving the Award.

1.Thank the blogger who gave you the Award.
2.Pick 5 small blogs that are worth the honors.
3.Spread the words about liebster Awards
The bloggers i Nominate for this award are :
I nominate these blogs because even though they are so different, they are awesome, creative and heart warming. They deserve to be appreciated and praised. 😀

These 3 beautiful people..

These Three beautiful people

Radiate my life and fill it with warmth
Give me the courage to break the norms
Always there for me once my life stumbles upon some thorns
One of these people is my protector
When i get into trouble he is my inspector
When ever my life is in turmoil he is my shelter
One of these people is my partner in crime
For me she would never hesitate to spend every dime
Our relationship is beyond sublime
To her i tell all that is in my soul
One of them gave me existence
When ever i crumble she gives me guidance
With the finality of her love there is no distance
These three people are my family
My sister who is always there to talk to
My brother who is my shield against all things bad
My mother who gives me a reason for living
These three beautiful people are my guardian angles..

Broken Hearted Girl..


In the journey to your freedom and awakening you took my everything

The longing of being apart from you leaves me paralyzed

I lie in bed all night in a vegetative state

Searching through my bags i found your shirt

I havent been able to part with it ever since because of your insatiable scent on it

You always did smell so good

Like rough sweet sweat with a pinch of flowery essence

I know i am probably going insane

But what am i to do with out you here

I can’t eat, read or even sleep with out you in my every thought

I’ts impossible for me to doze with out your arms around me

And when somehow i do manage

I fall deep into a world of you, our memories and the love we shared

The ache in my heart is so deep because i know you are forever gone

Distance is supposed to make the love fade

But with every second that i’m not with you

My heart grows fonder

Then the wound in my wrecked heart gets bigger

Morphing into a terrible infected gush

Why have you forsaken me my love..