Set my body on fire


Kiss my lips like I’m the air you need..
Taste my body like its the only thing that has ever and will ever fill you..
Hold me like my body is your anchor…
Set my body on fire…
Forget about the ache in your heart..
Forget about making love..
Forget about connecting with my lonely soul…
Make my body come alive..
Make me moan..
Make me scream your name..
Make me shiver in lust..
Make me beg for more..
Make me forget about the rest of the world…
Make me forget about the ache deep within..
Make me forget about me..
Make me forget about him..
And I will make you forget about her..

Forget about my heart…My soul..My head…
Forget about loving me..
Forget about making me yours..
Forget about a life time together..
Let us just think about this moment in time..
As long as you set my body on fire..


Sometimes I think i’m fine..
I think my world is completely normal..
Content even.. 
That I might even be happy one day..
But then reality crashes over me..
And i realize the place where my heart used to reside is empty..
All that is left is a dark void..

Forbidden Love Part 4..

“I can explain” She said breathlessly as she tried to find something to cover herself in.

Get the hell out of my house“Ahmed roared pulling Anaise out of the closet and pushing her out of their bedroom. Yara saw the rage vibrate through his entire body as his eyes pierced into her and she was suddenly afraid for all their lives.
I’m not going anywhere, ‘im never leaving her with you again” Anaise said as she grabbed her dress off the floor and put it on as quickly as she could master.
WHAT?!! YOU FUCK MY WIFE!! AND NOW YOU THINK YOU COULD DO AS YOU LIKE IN MY OWN HOUSE!! ?” Ahmed stated with a sinister laugh as he strolled dangerously slowly towards her.
“please go, ill be fine” pleaded Yara as she saw the disgust and fury in her husband’s eyes. As Anaise walked hesitantly down the stairs the bedroom door slammed shut and her heart sank.
Ahmed looked at his naked wife speechless.
How long has this been going on?”
Yara didnt know what to say, or even how to explain. She felt like her safe happy bubble had just burst. She always knew this day would come, but she never imagined it would be so soon and in such embarrassing circumstances.
About 4 months, i’m so sorry Ahmed, i wanted to..” Her sentence was cut shot by a pulsing pain across her face and for a while she didnt understand what had happened because her head was spinning and she was seeing starts.
Ahmed stared at his wife shocked and confused as he realized that he had just slapped her across the face, he didnt know what to do, he thought about following his feelings and just finishing her off, but some part of him remembered all the good times they had, their kids, and that he still loved her very much…
He snatched the sheets off of her leaving her feeling vulnerable and exposed, grabbing her hand he pinned her to the bed while he unzipped his trousers and forced himself into her. Yara screamed in agony as he continually rammed into her, she felt like the agony will never end, until he finally climaxed, climbed off her and walked briskly out of the room. After she heard the front door bang shut, she quickly walked to the bathroom, turned the shower nozzle on and scrubbed her whole body until she was almost bleeding, then she got out fully dried herself, put on her pajamas and cried herself to sleep curled up like a ball.
The whole week Yara did not hear anything from Ahmed, he completely disappeared and switched off his phone, she talked to Anaise everyday through phone calls and text messages but never met her in person. Her life went from a happy home with a loving, albeit neglectful husband and a sexy lover who took care of all of her sexual and emotional needs to just emptiness.
On the 5th day as she was scrubbing the floors of her bathroom to keep herself busy, she heard the front door open, her heart jumped a beat as she turned around to go and see who it could be and found Ahmed standing there in front of her, unshaven and wearing the same clothes he had worn 5 days back when he caught her with Anaise, he looked older and as if he had lost a lot of weight. Not knowing what to say or even what to do Yara just sat there on the floor on her knees, wishing that this was all a huge nightmare.
We need to talk” he said in a gruff and tired voice as he sat on the bed and all memories of the last time he saw her came flooding back to him and almost knocking him over. Yara got up to go and sit next to him on the bed.
No, not in here, downstairs, in the living room” he said as he was walking to the door.
When they reached the living room they just sat on opposite sides of the room.
I’m sorry” Ahmed said, leaving Yara stunned.
You dont need to apologize for anything, i’m the…”
No just stop, let me say what i need to say and you shouldn’t talk unless i ask you a question” Ahmed said as he cut her off.
You love her?”  Ahmed said more as a statement rather than a question.
No, it was just a stupid mistake and i am so sorry” Yara said stringing the words together.
ok so you have a choice to make, we have kids together, and even though i am disgusted, angry and hurt at what you did, i still love you and i would like to keep our family intact. But  it will take time and work” Ahmed thought about their beautiful small boys as he said this. He had so many questions to ask her like if there was something he did wrong, or if she didnt find him sexually  attractive anymore.
They stayed up all night talking and trying to figure out how to fix their problem, with Ahmed doing most of the talking and Yara talking only to apologize or answer a a question.They decided to go to a marriage councilor to begin their journey of fixing their marriage.
First thing is first, we will buy a new bed, and for the time being i need to sleep in the guest room because i cant bare sleeping with you in the same bed that you and her where in and you are never to talk to her ever again“.. he said “her” as if it was an insult
Yara nodded in agreement just so they can avoid any arguments. She felt her heart break at the thought of never seeing Anaise again, she knew she would never feel as loved and cared for as she did with Anaise. But she knew that for the good of her family she had to do as Ahmed asked and cut off the one person that she has ever truly been in love with…

Forbidden Love..Part 3

He was driving like a maniac, swerving and almost going head first onto an oncoming truck. For the past few months his wife had been unnaturally jolly. Her whole behavior has been different, uplifted. She has been caring more about her looks, clothes and even started working out. Caring more about him and trying her best to make sure things between them are great.

At first he thought he must be doing something right and finally making her happy, but then he realized it had nothing to do with him, he noticed small changes, new sexy underwear, hushed whispers on the phone, spending more time outside the house with her friends and the utter lack of passion and heat in their love making.

Ahmed had fully concluded that his wife was having an affair. That’s when he came up with a plan to catch her in the act and confirm his suspicions. He told her he was going on a business trip for the week and hired a private investigator to let him know when his wife meets her lover, then went to hide out at a hotel. Now as he hurried back to his house he wished he had never gotten the call. He kept replaying the words over and over in his head.

Your suspicions where right and they are in your house this very minute” the private investigator said over the phone.

Ahmed did not even wait to hear the rest of the findings and was out of the door in a heartbeat. As he was entering his driveway his heart was beating so hard he thought it would pop out from his chest. As he slowly and quietly opened the living room, he still wished the P.I was wrong, but as he neared the stairs he heard the sounds. He heard her moaning and screaming and pictured her quivering with pleasure as a man caressed her soft, plum body, as he ravished and kissed her.

He walked slowly up the stairs, the sounds getting louder as he got closer to the bedroom door, the sounds made his skin crawl, he felt the hair on his back stand.

Where is he?” He yelled furiously as he slammed the bedroom door open.

Oh my god Ahmed! What are you doing here?!”  Yara shrieked in disbelieve and shame.

Where is the bastard you are fucking?” he roared through the bedroom, ripping the sheets from his wife’s hands as she tried to cover herself up in futility.  He stomped through the room looking under the bed, in the bathroom, out of the window, behind the curtains and as he jerked open the closet door his emotions went into turmoil from pain, to fury and finally confusion.

Anaise?!” He stared at her feeling like he had just been kicked in the gut..

To be continued with the final part… 🙂

Forbidden Love.. Part One

As i sit watching her from afar, watching her every move, her hazel innocent eyes, her soft pink lips, her voluptuous lustrous body,her long silky hair. I wonder is she thinking about me, does she even know i exist, every muscle in my body aches the more i am apart from her. All i want to do is walk up to her, grab her by her small waist and embrace her but i cant. I have to keep reminding myself i am married. I have a wonderful husband who adores me and i have to keep away from Anaise.
We met on a cold rainy night, my husband and i had just gotten into a big fight. I went on a drive to the closest coffee shop and the moment i walked into the shop my eyes went directly to her, in her short shorts, long shiny hair falling gently over her shoulders. I felt an instant connection that i didn’t understand, she walked right up to me and told me how breath taking i was, being so long since i heard that from anyone, i fell for her that very minute.
” I am Anaise” she said the words flowing seductively out of her.
” I am Yara” i responded quietly and nervously feeling extremely flushed. We talked all night long, laughing and flirting, i never understood the feelings i developed for her, a woman can never feel that way for another woman. I had been told this on many occasions. From that night on i could never stop thinking about her, every time i’m with my husband i cant stop comparing him to her. When he touches me, all i can think about is his hands are not as gentle as hers, when he kisses me all i can think about is his lips are not as soft and delicious as hers, when he makes love to me i feel a pang of guilt and disgust because i am faking what should be the most beautiful act between two people who love each other.

” Hey beautiful, wanna get out of here?” Anaise says, pulling me away from my thoughts as she sat down and kissed me on the cheek

To be continued…

Short Story..Broken… Part 5

As i watched him get dressed and walk out of the door, i felt my heart breaking into even more smaller pieces, but this time it wasnt because i was hurt, it wasnt because i just found him with Mollie, it was because deep inside my heart i now knew what i had to do. I saw the end of our marriage, and it made my heart ache.

” I’m really glad you gave me a second chance Rosie, because i really love you. I’ll call you later”.. He said as he tried to kiss me on the lips, but didnt manage because i averted my head and gave him the cheek.
 Over the following weeks i poured myself onto my work, making sure that i fill my time and every time Nick called i just ignored his calls. Every night i slept in the guest bedroom because i could not bare sleeping in the same bed i used to share with him, and the nights became lonelier as the weeks passed.  After a month of avoiding his calls, i decided it was time i sent him the divorce papers, i had filled for the a week after the last time we had sex and stayed with them for so long because i was too scared that once they go out then i will really have to deal with the divorce. As i walked up the stares to our apartment from work i found him sitting by the door reading a newspaper, for a moment i thought about turning back and leaving him there, but before i could decide what to do he turned his head toward me and stared at me.
” Rosie, i have been calling you for more than a month now, and then out of the blue i get these” ? He said holding up the divorce papers. As i looked from the papers to his eyes, i saw that he actually seemed hurt, even surprised.
” Nick you slept with some one else, you had an affair, you thought that was just going to go away and i would forgive you” I asked him all the while wondering why we are having this conversation for the millionth time. The problem with Nick has always been that he believes that he is entitled to whatever it is that he wants, looking at him now i realize he has lost weight, he looks old and defeated, and this makes me wonder if he really is hurt and if he still loves me and then i quickly push the thought away from my mind because i know where it will lead me. I open the door and let him in, then as we sit on the couch across each other he asks ” Our marriage is really over isnt it? “.
I let him know yes, and then tell him that i want to put the apartment for sale, unless he wants to keep it and stay in it.
” Rosie i bought this apartment because you loved it remember” He continues to talk with a sad sideways smile.
” I would like you to keep it and everything else that we had, its my fault that i fucked up our marriage and i hurt you, so please keep it and do as you please with it”
 We both stand up at the same time as he prepares to leave and are automatically drawn to each other. As we stand there hugging for what seems like an eternity, i feel tears streaming down my cheeks.
” Good bye Rosie, i will always love you, and i promise ill sign the papers as soon as i can” He kisses me one last time on my cheek. Then goes to walk out of the room
I watch  my husband for the last time as he walks out of our apartment and my life and know that i made the right decision, it won’t be easy i know that. The thing with love is, it never is easy, your heart never stops loving someone just because your brain decides to end the relationship. Love always finds you easily, but it is always ten times harder to forget about love. My heart may be broken, but i know i will be able to put it back together one small piece at a time.

Short Story.. Broken.. Part 2

I grabbed her by her hair and banged her head against the door. I never thought I could do anything so violent and crazy, but love, jealousy and anger can make a person do unbelievable things. It was a huge row between my husband’s” naked girl” as I pulled, bit, kicked and hit her with anything I could lay my hands on, by the time my husband managed to pull me off the slut I had managed to scar her for life. She was crying like a new born baby and the tears were mixing with blood on her not so pretty face, she managed to crawl to her clothes and then limped as quickly as her wounds could allow her out of the bedroom. I stood there feeling disgusted as I starred at Nick. My worst nightmare had just come true in my very bed, in my house and it was gut wrenching.

I still remember the day he proposed. We got to his apartment and he had prepared a beautiful candle light dinner, very intimate and romantic on the patio, he was like my knight in shining amour whisking me away to the throne of his horse only his horse was the beautifully lit patio. The night was wonderful as we were both still high on adrenalin because the rest of our working lives was stretched out in front of us, when the time for dessert came he gave me a sheepish naughty smile as he handed me the slice of strawberry cake, (my favorite) and as I took a big bite I suddenly felt something hard in my mouth, something hard and round, when I spit it out I saw the most amazing beautiful ring with a beautifully cut pink diamond. It was the most exquisite thing I had ever laid my eyes on, I could hardly breathe as I was choked by tears of jolliness and shock. He got down on one knee, very old fashioned I know, but as they say, old is gold. He got down on one knee and recited the most emotional poem that still to this day I have ever heard.

You are the sunshine of my life

From the day I saw you I knew

I knew I never want to let you go

You make me happy like I’ve never been

You turn the worst days into the best

Even birds cannot sing to your unimaginable beauty

I know I want to spend the rest of days with you

I want to spend eternity with you

Will you make me the happiest man to ever be born

Will you marry me..

Now as I look at him in his towel looking guilty, I wonder where that loving, caring, honest man went.

“I’m so sorry Rosie, I didn’t want you to find out like this, I didn’t know you where coming home this soon, I’m really very sorry”. He babbles on as I keep throwing various beautiful things that we bought together during our happier times together. So he is not apologizing because he is cheating on me, he is apologizing for being caught!! Typical men.

When I finally get physically and emotionally drained, I just stare at him waiting for an explanation, so naturally I ask him a question that I think many, many women in the same situation as mine have asked their good for nothing cheating men.

“Why”? such a simple question which could end up breaking up families, causing siblings to never talk and making friends to hate each other for life.

To be continued

Short story.. Broken.. Part 1..

As I step into the bedroom I’m stopped by a sudden smell of fresh roses at the door, knowing what a romantic Nick is, I quickly flicked on the light and there in the room was a sight I had been anticipating the whole night. The bed was covered with beautiful red rose pedals, which were scatted all over the room, bright red and white candles stood erect throughout the room and then realizing that I was ruining the sensational mood, I quickly turned the light back off.

I tip toed across the room towards our lavish bed where I found a sexy little lingerie which was absolutely breath taking. I heard the sound of a shower running in the bathroom and thought with a blissful smile pasted on my face

“I better get ready before he finishes his shower”, so I quietly nipped off my clothes all the while thinking he must have missed me a lot to do something so romantic and out of the ordinary like this. Don’t get me wrong, my husband used to be the most romantic man alive, for the first two months of our being together, then after we got married everything changed and he suddenly became this very busy man who hardly had time for me, but now it seemed like he is going back to his old romantic self with such exotic lingerie.

I finished putting on the lingerie and it fit perfectly as if it had been painted on my body, I finished off the naughty outfit with my sexiest stilettos which I had brought back with me from Paris. All ladies know that Jimmy Choo never goes wrong with his classically designed fabulous shoes. Then as I felt butterflies flying about in my tummy, I lay on the bed in a kitty cat pose and waited for him to come out of the bathroom.

Suddenly the bathroom door open and I had this intense change of emotion from excitement to shock, disgust and then finally anger.

“Rosie, you are back?” he asked in a trembling shameful voice and at that very moment I had already sprung like a hunting cheetah on cocaine at the naked girl who was standing behind him with a little smirk on her face.

To be continued..