Forever And A Day

I want you to be my full time admirer

Will you please stay with me.
Lets run away to paradise
When I’m with you our hearts beat as one
Every time you walk out of the door i long for you
I ache for your touch
For you sweet lingering kisses
For your caressing searching look
All i know is that we are the perfect match
We fit together because we were made for each other
If i asked you to love me forever would you agree
Because i will love you forever and a day..

43 thoughts on “Forever And A Day

  1. Beautiful, Abi! Full of emotion and very well conveyed. Proud of you girl, you are really coming into your own with your writing! I read your part 5 too but don’t remember if I left a comment? It was very good too! Huge hugs and kisses, “Mom”

  2. Ok Abby… great title. I could not figure out were I heard that phrase before… so did a little digging. “Taming of the Shrew” Shakespeare, a contract “old law” meaning a year and a day, new Filipino movie, Kelly Rowlands music title…. but the best of all is your meaning ” to love for ever”. I grew up hearing this and other phrases from older members in my family so could not remember why it struck a chord. Thanks for a great poem and bringing up fond memories.

  3. Nice to see a new poem from you. There is such an honesty in your style. Whether is comes naturally or you have to go through several drafts to get this, the end result is a very open, honest work that hasn’t a hint of contrivance or artificiality. Very well done!

  4. So you know your gonna have to come & share on my page right? 🙂

    This was a very well written piece!! Two Sunny Thumbs up!

    • I’m so happy for you, now days marriages do not last for so long, its good to see that people are still happy and still madly in love after 31 years of being together. Thank you checking out my poem.. 🙂

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