Mental Rubik’s Cube

When i was young i use to dream of ponies and paradise
Of living in a world filled with love, happiness and faith
All my problems could be washed away  by a simple kiss from my mother
I used to paint the world as i wanted it to be
Or write a story about the goodness and purity of life
The grayness or blueness of the exquisite sky
I would stay up all night thinking about being loved by that special man
We would take a stroll on the beach, with the sunset glowing in the background
The soft sea breeze would serenade our minds as we are closed off from the rest of the world
I would sit up by my bedroom window and write in my diary about all the stupid little things that were roaming in my naive young mind
I would dream about a world were there is no war, no revenge, hate or argument
A world were humans don’t fight because of religion, race, social class or any other little petty thing
At the smallest sight of any sadness, any pain in the world, i would cry all night because i just could not understand it
Oh how i was young and full of dreams, ambition, happiness and hope
As i sit here looking back at the past, i now see how my mind has been polluted by the world, by politics, by people
No longer do i wait for my knight in shinning amour, my prince, my superman
No more do i still hope for unconditional love, for paradise, for happiness, for peace in the world
No longer am i an inspired butterfly willing to spread my wings and explore the beautiful world
Now i see that all that is left in the world is the present..
And i don’t cry no more
Sometimes i wish i still had the innocence and naivety of a child that i was
All that i’m left with is my mental Rubik’s cube

29 thoughts on “Mental Rubik’s Cube

  1. When I was young I thought as a child but when I grew up and discovered reality – the way things really are as opposed to the lies spoon fed to my by parents – pastors and teachers – I became a realist and took out my fly swatter.

    • yeah, as kids we all have different perceptions of the world.. but as for me i wasn’t fed lies by the grown ups around me, i just had a very fantasy,dream like perception of the world.. 🙂

  2. Wow – So telling of the purity and innocence of youth. What I love is that you see how you were, and what the world did to steal that preciousness – the answer will be in solving the Rubik’s cube – coming home and realizing it for the first time 😉

  3. How easy it is to say … all that is left. While very poignant from beginning to end, I feel life’s puzzles are put there so we try and find the better place and not for the people who can solve that damed cube in the blink of an eye. I always felt it came to easy to them…. maybe I’am just jealous because I never could. 🙂

  4. lovely poem, it made me run back to the meomories of my childhood, each stage of our lives is just a miracle come to think of it…you are right all thats left is the present…its all there is after all!

  5. You brought sad tears to my eyes. I know what the world is, I’ve seen the bad side of it up close and personal but I still hold on to all of the good I have also seen. It’s a world of both, we just have to find our place in it. Much love and big hugs!

  6. Wonderful post, you’ve made my heart ache for you and for my childhood. I remember that, the simple kiss from my mother.
    I don’t look for the superman anymore either, but that’s because I now know that I can provide for myself. There is strength and a feeling of achievement in that for us.

  7. I like this very much. I’m a middle-aged guy now and I often find myself trying to throw the cube away to just look at the beauty of the world as it could be, the way you describe it. And you know… some of it is still there, I can catch glimpses. Brief and fickle, yes, but still valuable and a large part of what makes life worth living.

  8. told u life can be so hard and it strikes hard 😦 but to kill the innocence and naivety of youth that’s just too hard to bear
    and as Dr. Freeze told Batman when he wanted a cure for Alfred 😀
    take 2 of these and call me in the morning 😀

    hope u like’em 🙂

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