Bring Back The Light..


I knew light…
Danced around the light…
Rejoiced in the radiance…
Basked under it’s luminasity…
Until you came around…
And stole my light away…
Consumed it right from beneath me…
Leaving only a shardowy gloom…
Bathing me in your darkness…

Don’t Tame Me..



They see me roar..
They wonder why I soar..
They wonder why I am..
The way that I am..
They question why I live the way I do..
They marvel at my every move..
They look at my being..
My wild hair..
My passionate personality..
My outrageous clothes..
The unexpected actions..
They see my free spirit parading..
The animal within displayed..
I tell them don’t judge me..
Don’t try to change me..
Don’t try to tame me..
I’m a lost cause..
Either fly with me..
Or watch me rise..

I Long For You..

We used to have everything..
I your Cinderella..
You my Prince Charming..

Oh mi amor..

Laying under the night sky..
Counting stars and making love..

Mi corazon…

Embracing blissfully and talking till the sun comes out..
Walking hand in hand and kissing on the streets..

Oh il mio angelo…

Living in our own beautiful, magical world..
Whispering “I love yous”..

My Darling…

Wherever you are..
Dream a little dream of me..
As my mind and heart lingers on you..
Sweet dreams with bitter longings haunt me..

Mon cher…

In a world with out you I am lost..
I wish to feel you with me, on me, around me..


Wicked Angel..


An angel, yet devilish you are..
Pure and corrupted all at once..
Powerful, with a hint of vulnerability on the inside..
Cruelly hard edged, yet savagely sweet..
With ice cold eyes which hide severe emotions..
You are my fantasy mixed with my reality..
Haunting me with your nightmares..
Then soothing me with your sweet dreams..
I knew I loved you long before..
Before you sauntered into my life you wicked angel..



My mind is a torturous hole
Never leaving me on my own
Forever insisting on ripping my soul apart
Always pondering though out scenario or another
One “what if” or the other
One painful memory or another
I am eternally sucked into my abyss of a brain
Leaving my spirit stained with blotches of sadness
How am I ever to survive..

To be…Or Not To Be..

My life..
My love..
My only one..
Or so i thought..
You, my dream,my fantasy..
No longer my reality..
My source of light,of joy, of love, of all things wonderful..
Now my cause for pain, for heartache, for pure torture..
You, who captured my soul, my heart in beautiful rose nets..

Now leaves me captured in torment, in black vines of death..
With no hope, no faith of survival..
I crave for your adoration, your touch, your voice..
Because you are mine no more..
I long for your memories to leave me..
Night in and day out your face haunts my existence..


Naked Poetry..

I lie here yours for the taking…
I lay it all out..
Explore as I know you desire..
You leave scars on my soul..
You hackle away into oblivion..
I no longer crave to subsist…
Eyes lost in a planet of no hope…

Flamming Out..



Could it be our love is fading..
With every action we take..
We grow further apart..
The glow gets darker by the second..
Leaving it only a flicker of light..
A flicker of hope..
A flicker of memories..
Forever lost in this damned darkness..

I Can’t Make You Love Me…

The following poem was inspired by a beautiful, yet very sad song that i have loved for years..

The lights dim and i see you in my dreams

I’m saving my love for you
But you are loving another
My heart throbs as i watch you with her
You hold her so tenderly
You kiss her so passionately
You walk hand in hand and my world crumbles
I cant get no satisfaction
All night long i wish and pray

But I cant make you love me

Love hurts love destroys
Love leaves me lifeless
Love disappears
But my love for you wont fade away
This is the song that inspired me to write this poem.. 🙂 hope you like both the song and the poem..


Forbidden Love Part 4..

“I can explain” She said breathlessly as she tried to find something to cover herself in.

Get the hell out of my house“Ahmed roared pulling Anaise out of the closet and pushing her out of their bedroom. Yara saw the rage vibrate through his entire body as his eyes pierced into her and she was suddenly afraid for all their lives.
I’m not going anywhere, ‘im never leaving her with you again” Anaise said as she grabbed her dress off the floor and put it on as quickly as she could master.
WHAT?!! YOU FUCK MY WIFE!! AND NOW YOU THINK YOU COULD DO AS YOU LIKE IN MY OWN HOUSE!! ?” Ahmed stated with a sinister laugh as he strolled dangerously slowly towards her.
“please go, ill be fine” pleaded Yara as she saw the disgust and fury in her husband’s eyes. As Anaise walked hesitantly down the stairs the bedroom door slammed shut and her heart sank.
Ahmed looked at his naked wife speechless.
How long has this been going on?”
Yara didnt know what to say, or even how to explain. She felt like her safe happy bubble had just burst. She always knew this day would come, but she never imagined it would be so soon and in such embarrassing circumstances.
About 4 months, i’m so sorry Ahmed, i wanted to..” Her sentence was cut shot by a pulsing pain across her face and for a while she didnt understand what had happened because her head was spinning and she was seeing starts.
Ahmed stared at his wife shocked and confused as he realized that he had just slapped her across the face, he didnt know what to do, he thought about following his feelings and just finishing her off, but some part of him remembered all the good times they had, their kids, and that he still loved her very much…
He snatched the sheets off of her leaving her feeling vulnerable and exposed, grabbing her hand he pinned her to the bed while he unzipped his trousers and forced himself into her. Yara screamed in agony as he continually rammed into her, she felt like the agony will never end, until he finally climaxed, climbed off her and walked briskly out of the room. After she heard the front door bang shut, she quickly walked to the bathroom, turned the shower nozzle on and scrubbed her whole body until she was almost bleeding, then she got out fully dried herself, put on her pajamas and cried herself to sleep curled up like a ball.
The whole week Yara did not hear anything from Ahmed, he completely disappeared and switched off his phone, she talked to Anaise everyday through phone calls and text messages but never met her in person. Her life went from a happy home with a loving, albeit neglectful husband and a sexy lover who took care of all of her sexual and emotional needs to just emptiness.
On the 5th day as she was scrubbing the floors of her bathroom to keep herself busy, she heard the front door open, her heart jumped a beat as she turned around to go and see who it could be and found Ahmed standing there in front of her, unshaven and wearing the same clothes he had worn 5 days back when he caught her with Anaise, he looked older and as if he had lost a lot of weight. Not knowing what to say or even what to do Yara just sat there on the floor on her knees, wishing that this was all a huge nightmare.
We need to talk” he said in a gruff and tired voice as he sat on the bed and all memories of the last time he saw her came flooding back to him and almost knocking him over. Yara got up to go and sit next to him on the bed.
No, not in here, downstairs, in the living room” he said as he was walking to the door.
When they reached the living room they just sat on opposite sides of the room.
I’m sorry” Ahmed said, leaving Yara stunned.
You dont need to apologize for anything, i’m the…”
No just stop, let me say what i need to say and you shouldn’t talk unless i ask you a question” Ahmed said as he cut her off.
You love her?”  Ahmed said more as a statement rather than a question.
No, it was just a stupid mistake and i am so sorry” Yara said stringing the words together.
ok so you have a choice to make, we have kids together, and even though i am disgusted, angry and hurt at what you did, i still love you and i would like to keep our family intact. But  it will take time and work” Ahmed thought about their beautiful small boys as he said this. He had so many questions to ask her like if there was something he did wrong, or if she didnt find him sexually  attractive anymore.
They stayed up all night talking and trying to figure out how to fix their problem, with Ahmed doing most of the talking and Yara talking only to apologize or answer a a question.They decided to go to a marriage councilor to begin their journey of fixing their marriage.
First thing is first, we will buy a new bed, and for the time being i need to sleep in the guest room because i cant bare sleeping with you in the same bed that you and her where in and you are never to talk to her ever again“.. he said “her” as if it was an insult
Yara nodded in agreement just so they can avoid any arguments. She felt her heart break at the thought of never seeing Anaise again, she knew she would never feel as loved and cared for as she did with Anaise. But she knew that for the good of her family she had to do as Ahmed asked and cut off the one person that she has ever truly been in love with…