Distant Love..

How delicious is the gift of love

Of a sweet embrace at love’s beginning

When two hearts intertwine with affection and adoration

As the bliss of desire and longing builds a wall of devotion and commitment

Ooh how I yearn with hunger for your tender gaze

How I ache for your doting prose

How I yearn with thirst for your warm caress

If only you were not so far away..


46 thoughts on “Distant Love..

  1. only two souls who are in a long distance relationship can really understand the effort they take to keep the relationship intact. its like a constant lingering pain knowing there is one for you but you are not fortunate enough to experience it to the fullest. that there is a huge wall in between.
    your poem beautifully relates to that pain of being far away, and you capture the intense longing for touch in a sweet but short poem. keep writing. 🙂

  2. Seems too often to be the case in an internet dominated world, that attraction is found in the initial mystery, then further incubated by sublime pining. It’s true that love knows no bounds, but oftentimes the obstacles are insurmountable and disheartening. You’ve captured this all too relateable quandary quite nicely 🙂

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  4. it reminded me also with this amaaaaaazing from nickelback “far away”
    the lyrics rhyme with the last line, and it’s sooooo suitable for distant lovers 🙂

    it’s soooo amazing

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