First Touch…

“Iv never done this before”.. I whispered more to myself than to her..
“I’m glad i’m your first” She murmured..
Distracted by the sound of my dress hitting the floor..
She watched me…No.. Gazed at me..
Eyes glazed over in lust..Pure unadulterated desire..
Taking everything in as if in a trance..
As if I’m the sexiest vixen alive..
She sat quietly as I took off every stitch of clothing..
Letting them fall one by one..
Exposing myself to her hungry stare..
Until I stood in front of her with just my heels..
As she strolled towards me.. Prowled more like
Focused, sexy and confident..
Like a panther stalking it’s prey..
Ready for the take down..
A slight shiver of anticipation runs though my body..
As she stops in front of me she ran her hands over me..
Leaving goose bumps trailing behind her caress..
Starting at the nape of my neck.. Down my arms..
Touching the side of my breast.. Barely grazing my nipples..
“So beautiful” She said sounding amazed..
“Am I really all she says i am” my mind starts to wonder…
She moves her hands down my waist..
Grabbing my butt and squeezing roughly..
Moaning deep in her throat before her soft perfect lips crashed down on mine…
All thought dissipated…
All that mattered was this feeling.. This moment..


Don’t Tame Me..



They see me roar..
They wonder why I soar..
They wonder why I am..
The way that I am..
They question why I live the way I do..
They marvel at my every move..
They look at my being..
My wild hair..
My passionate personality..
My outrageous clothes..
The unexpected actions..
They see my free spirit parading..
The animal within displayed..
I tell them don’t judge me..
Don’t try to change me..
Don’t try to tame me..
I’m a lost cause..
Either fly with me..
Or watch me rise..

Oh Sweetheart..


Love me tender..
Love me whole..
Love me entirely..
Love me deeply..
Love me thoroughly..
Love me bare..
Love me with a flaming urge..
Love me now..
Love me tomorrow..
Love me forever..


Merry Christmas!

As the year comes to an end,

Memories were made,

Friendships were discovered,

Loved ones might have been lost,

Miracles rained upon us,

Dreams came true,

Plans were executed…

But most importantly

Love was created and shared amongst all!!!

As we celebrate this special day,

Remember to always be grateful for all you have

And do something at least once a day to put a smile on someone’s face!

A very Merry, Jolly, happy, hyper Christmas to all

May this day be filled with hope, laughter, adoration,family and all around merriness.


Weak On Your Knees

Weak on your knees
Dripping syrup on your body
Slipping an ice cube down your back
Brushing feathers down your tummy
Feeding kisses to your sensitive silky skin
Breathing in your heavenly scent by your neck
Whispering wicked nothings in your ear
Hot and cold
Soft and hard
Slow and fast
Smooth and rough
I’ll have you following me into the gates of hell
Have you breathing wild and rapid
Have you weak in the knees
I’m right here to take care of you
Whenever you desire it you shall get it
However you want it i shall give it
What ever you offer i will drink it up till the last drop
Until the day i die i shall make it my life’s mission
Wishing that one day our souls shall intertwine
Longing to be one with you
Hoping I can have you for a lifetime
Yet knowing you barely exist..

Last Kiss

I Breathe You… For You..

Has it really been this long?

I gaze at you in disbelief
4 years 8 months?
Seems more like 4 days 8 hours
Not knowing you were out there before we met wounded my heart
I lived my life in  bewildered despair
I didn’t realize how much I needed and wanted you
Until i set my eyes on you
Then my whole life fell into place
You make me want to run far far way
Yet you yield me to yearn to cling hard on to you
Every second we are apart
I miss you more than the sunshine
Iv longed for you for so long I feel as though Iv lived my whole life with this hunger
You quench my thirst with your love and your devotion
Without you i just might willow away into nothingness..

Incurable Romantic

As you lie here on my arms

Sleeping like an angle
Enjoying the rocking and rhythm of my body
I question what is on your pure mind
So simple and untouched by humanity and the world
Your cries so painful and devastating
Your laughter so jovial and carefree
ooh my child.. how i wish i could keep it so
Protect you from all the peril of this planet
I will forever hold you in a tight embrace
And i love you with senseless passion
Because you are my reason for waking up in the morning, my gift, my light, my life
Because of you i am an incurable romantic…….

A Love Like No Other

In my eyes you are perfection

You are my one and forever joy

You are the light that shines through my dark days

You are the one i can never disappoint

You are the one who sees beauty in me even when the rest of the world, including me doesn’t

I loved you yesterday

I love you today

And i’ll love you for eternity and a day…

Happy Mother’s day…

Everyday Is Valentine’s Day

We might not talk everyday
We might be continents apart
It might sometimes seem like i don’t think of you
But know that you are always on my mind and in my heart
Weather you are my family,my beloved friend or my soul mate
I thank god everyday that i have you
As this precious day of love comes to an end
I will forever treasure you 
And always be grateful for having you in my life
Let us shower each other with affection and appreciation
And Let everyday be valentines day ♥

Budding New Friendships

This is a poem that i wrote for the amazing friends that i have made the past couple of months, i never thought i would really allow myself to make friends again because i have lost so many, but with time i am opening up and shedding down the walls around me to let them know me and see me as i am.. so i have wrote this poem to my wonderful new friends.. 🙂

New-made friendships, like new wine 

With age and time become stronger and refined
Pulling a new friend into 
your life is a form of balance. 
A friend is someone that gives you a smile when you have nothing to smile about
Sensitive, kind,loyal and understanding is what you always try to be
Appreciative, warm and precious like gold
When my spirits are damp
You are there to lift me up
A friend is like an owl,
both beautiful and wise 
I hope our friendship won’t tarnish or ever grow old 
I am grateful to have been blessed
With cherished friends like you..