Girl In The Mirror

Look into my eyes
Do you see what i see
Do you see the torment
Your glimpse is so hypnotic I ache for you
Felling a dark twinge deep inside me
Completely mystified I turn away
Not being courageous enough to gaze into those cold eyes
Unbearably soul less, they suck me in
Filling me wholly and utterly with agony
Becoming one with those eyes i no longer exist
No longer know the difference
Are you me..
 Am I you….
Am I hallucinating….
Will I ever know…

16 thoughts on “Girl In The Mirror

  1. Perfect description, with intense emotion. I hope that those eyes would brighten up and get full of life, to give hope, both to the one who has them and to everyone that gazes on them. Your words stir emotions!

  2. If these are your true feeling then you need to find a new man that will treat you right. And thanks I don’t think I could have said it any better.

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