My Birthday In Nigh!

Time..Flows swiftly..
Sometimes slowly..
Passing me by..
Stringing me along..
pushing me through the gates..
Is it a lowly day..
Is it a decade..
My soul feels awfully glum..
Am i alone..
For i feel deserted, secluded, desolate..
Oh how i have grown to loathe this day..
This epoch that i was born on..

My birthday is tomorrow and i’m a continent away from my familia, so i’m kind of feel extra lonely this year..

Girl In The Mirror

Look into my eyes
Do you see what i see
Do you see the torment
Your glimpse is so hypnotic I ache for you
Felling a dark twinge deep inside me
Completely mystified I turn away
Not being courageous enough to gaze into those cold eyes
Unbearably soul less, they suck me in
Filling me wholly and utterly with agony
Becoming one with those eyes i no longer exist
No longer know the difference
Are you me..
 Am I you….
Am I hallucinating….
Will I ever know…

Incurable Romantic

As you lie here on my arms

Sleeping like an angle
Enjoying the rocking and rhythm of my body
I question what is on your pure mind
So simple and untouched by humanity and the world
Your cries so painful and devastating
Your laughter so jovial and carefree
ooh my child.. how i wish i could keep it so
Protect you from all the peril of this planet
I will forever hold you in a tight embrace
And i love you with senseless passion
Because you are my reason for waking up in the morning, my gift, my light, my life
Because of you i am an incurable romantic…….


Swallows me whole and leaves me fetal 


Twirls me up in a tornado of emotions
Crawls through my throat and rips my insides inside out
Infects me with queasiness and tears me apart
Sets me on a wild goose chase searching for my soul
Makes me want to cleave my eyes out because i dont want to witness my demise
Is it all in my mind or does the horror exist??

I AM A Woman!!

I am a treasure

I am a diamond in the rough
I am beautiful
I am strong
I am a nation builder
I am a family creator
I am a peace maker
I am the keeper of the key
I am a nurturer 
I am a mother, a sister, a wife
I give my whole heart and take very little
If your days are dark, i shall bring light onto them
I take away the base of all pain and forever give faith
Like sweet tantalizing rain i sprinkle love and joy
I am the source of all that is good, colorful and delightful

These 3 beautiful people..

These Three beautiful people

Radiate my life and fill it with warmth
Give me the courage to break the norms
Always there for me once my life stumbles upon some thorns
One of these people is my protector
When i get into trouble he is my inspector
When ever my life is in turmoil he is my shelter
One of these people is my partner in crime
For me she would never hesitate to spend every dime
Our relationship is beyond sublime
To her i tell all that is in my soul
One of them gave me existence
When ever i crumble she gives me guidance
With the finality of her love there is no distance
These three people are my family
My sister who is always there to talk to
My brother who is my shield against all things bad
My mother who gives me a reason for living
These three beautiful people are my guardian angles..

Who Decided??

From the beginning of time
Beauty has been defined the same way
Long silky hair
Light skin.. the lighter the better
Big breasts, the bigger the better
Long legs that go on forever
Slim modelesque statute 
But who decided what true beauty is
Why is it that we have been bombarded with images of the perfect woman
Why is it that women do everything they can to be
 the desire of every man
Getting breast implants
Living in the gym to stay slender
Getting surgery and buying face products to look young
Little girls starving themselves to be the hottest in the class
Wearing skimpy clothes because of what they see on television and on magazines
Growing up too fast and wanting to dance on poles because it seems like the cool thing to do
Married women struggling to stay sexy
Because they are scared their husbands will find prettier younger girls
Why do we long to be yearned for by men 
Why is it that we were made to be different
And who decided that certain women are beautiful and others are not??

Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

somewhere over the rainbow

lies  a paradise filled with joy, happiness and laughter
filled with love, hugs and kisses
Butterflies soar in the air in all colors, blue, yellow, green
Eyes Spackle in the sunshine emitting light and freedom
Flowers bloom.. bees and birds take wing in the picturesque sky
Fountains flow silky with crystal clear waters
People drink in delight glowy, sweet drinks
Somewhere over the rainbow
Time stands still in sheer beauty of the radiance
Goddesses stretch out in pure white robes
Lovers embrace on the fresh green grass
oh how i wish i was over the rainbow
sipping in the utter bliss


I live in padlocked terror

Is it today is it tomorrow
Is it the day that’s going to be my sorrow
Am i being punished for being the creature that i am
Hard times come and drag me down
Down into the deepest scum filled gulf
In a state of abyss here i slouch
slain in my journey to survival
My soul tumbles into the deep void
Waiting for the ogres and trolls to come 
To come and gather my soulless bag of severed carcass

Distant Love..

How delicious is the gift of love

Of a sweet embrace at love’s beginning

When two hearts intertwine with affection and adoration

As the bliss of desire and longing builds a wall of devotion and commitment

Ooh how I yearn with hunger for your tender gaze

How I ache for your doting prose

How I yearn with thirst for your warm caress

If only you were not so far away..