My Birthday In Nigh!

Time..Flows swiftly..
Sometimes slowly..
Passing me by..
Stringing me along..
pushing me through the gates..
Is it a lowly day..
Is it a decade..
My soul feels awfully glum..
Am i alone..
For i feel deserted, secluded, desolate..
Oh how i have grown to loathe this day..
This epoch that i was born on..

My birthday is tomorrow and i’m a continent away from my familia, so i’m kind of feel extra lonely this year..

29 thoughts on “My Birthday In Nigh!

  1. “…you cannot fully become nobody until you suffer fully becoming somebody…”
    -dafree whitewolfe

    …we are quite intimate with the darkness of loneliness, so your poem evokes my hart to transmit compassion to yours…we will post a poem from a dark night at our blog just for you

  2. A lovely poem as always..I wish you a wonderful birthday, I have no doubt all your friends and family are thinking of you! Best wishes again and I hope that for your next birthday you will be able to celebrate it with them all! 🙂

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