My Birthday In Nigh!

Time..Flows swiftly..
Sometimes slowly..
Passing me by..
Stringing me along..
pushing me through the gates..
Is it a lowly day..
Is it a decade..
My soul feels awfully glum..
Am i alone..
For i feel deserted, secluded, desolate..
Oh how i have grown to loathe this day..
This epoch that i was born on..

My birthday is tomorrow and i’m a continent away from my familia, so i’m kind of feel extra lonely this year..

Birthday Wishes….

I wrote this poem for a special someone because they had a birthday last week, and maybe they didnt see it, or they didnt really like it, but which ever one it is, i just wanted to share it here.. 🙂

I love you and I want you to know how lucky I am to have you

A hundred candles to light up your Birthday party would be less 
Compared to the amount of light and shine you have brought in my life 
I can’t put a price on our memories, but I can make them better by adding a few more to the pile 
I hope your life lacks pain and heartache with me
May your day overflow with joy and success 
Happy birthday