Number one….

One day..
One far away day..
one lonely day..
Just one day…
I will finally be someone’s number one..
It might not be today..
It might not be  tomorrow..
Might not even be in the next ten years..
But I have to believe…
I have to hope and pray..
That one day..
Someone will love me enough..
Need me enough…
Adore me enough..
To render me their number one..

9 thoughts on “Number one….

  1. Hope — that will help. If you can live selflessly enough to make somebody your number one then there must be a match somewhere on this earth who will cherish and love you for you. Keep your hopes up! Thank you for your comment on my poetry. It made my day ❤

    Much love,

  2. I remain unsure if mere hoping to be ‘someone’s number one’ would make that come true. To me the access to make that happen would be to declare that we would first make that someone our number one.

    As Gandhi had said, ” Be the Change you would like to see in the world.”


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