I Die A Thousand Deaths…

Stormy nights or summer breezes..

The sun rises and sets with you..
Devoid of you I die a thousand deaths..
Feeling a violent thunderstorm swelling profoundly within me..
I wait impatiently for you to gift me with your exquisiteness..
In the mist of you, I soar up into the air..
Loving you a bit too treacherously..
Like Icarus, flying too close to the sun..




26 thoughts on “I Die A Thousand Deaths…

  1. Like me you give more power over yourself to the object of your desire than you should.
    Like good old Icarus you may be in for a crash.

    Beautiful work.

  2. Ahhhh….but what a love worth having, giving and dying for…..this is my kind of love…..you wrote this with so much passion and style….I can feel the winds from your heart and soul as I read it, and I am left with feelings of true love and romance….few words put so impacting…..loved it Abbi!
    Love to you

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