Swallow Me Whole…

I feel a darkness..
A darkness within..
Surrounding me..
Like dark poisonous vines curving around a dying tree..
Utter and ultimate misery..
Twirls around my slow beating heart..
Swallowing me whole..
Devouring my inner being..


To be…Or Not To Be..

My life..
My love..
My only one..
Or so i thought..
You, my dream,my fantasy..
No longer my reality..
My source of light,of joy, of love, of all things wonderful..
Now my cause for pain, for heartache, for pure torture..
You, who captured my soul, my heart in beautiful rose nets..

Now leaves me captured in torment, in black vines of death..
With no hope, no faith of survival..
I crave for your adoration, your touch, your voice..
Because you are mine no more..
I long for your memories to leave me..
Night in and day out your face haunts my existence..


Naked Poetry..

I lie here yours for the taking…
I lay it all out..
Explore as I know you desire..
You leave scars on my soul..
You hackle away into oblivion..
I no longer crave to subsist…
Eyes lost in a planet of no hope…

I Die A Thousand Deaths…

Stormy nights or summer breezes..

The sun rises and sets with you..
Devoid of you I die a thousand deaths..
Feeling a violent thunderstorm swelling profoundly within me..
I wait impatiently for you to gift me with your exquisiteness..
In the mist of you, I soar up into the air..
Loving you a bit too treacherously..
Like Icarus, flying too close to the sun..




Me Against The Light….

I stand in the darkness perplexed
Trying to find the switch to no avail
Have been asleep for days
Yet the sun does not appear
Round and round i go searching for a way out
Shadows linger waiting for my last breath
I hear sounds of freedom and radiance flowing from afar
Just as I see a ray of hope
Gloom engulfs me once more
Like a flower i wilt to my inevitable demise

The Kiss Of A Temptress

From the beginning of time
She walked on a cloud of bliss
Like the night sky her eyes glisten 
Like the long silk slip her hair falls velvety over her shoulders
Her soft bosom plum and ripe, perfectly ready for her aficionado
Her soft skin one shade more appealing than the rays of the sun
Her garb wrapped around her like the vines of a lustful tree
Her feet as supple as a new born baby’s tush 
When she talks its like a melody taken from the songs of the springs
Heaving you closer as she wraps you in a trance of her words
Drowsing your mind with her fumes of allure
A rosy bruise appears from the lines where her fingers caress you
With her pouty lips she will give you the kiss of your demise
Sucking the existence and light out of you leaving only shadows of dusk
Leaving only stiff lifeless oozing darkness

Coping with the loss of friends

Iv lost so much in my life

So much love
So much opportunity
So much excitement and adventure
People are supposed to come and go
For me that was a daily occurrence
Untill i met the 3 most wonderful girls in the world
Before them i had no friends
Jessica, Pamela and Yara
It was raining on the day that we met
13 years ago
4 little girls pulled together by our vast differences
Jessica, a blond Canadian brainiac who spoke no Setswana what so ever
Aisha, a Malawian Muslim loner who was afraid to talk to anyone else
Yara, a brazilian beauty whose only english words where “hello” and “goodbye”
And me, well i was never generally liked by anyone from anywhere for reasons beyond my understanding
And there we where, all waiting for our parents to pick us up not knowing what a lifelong bond we were forming
from that day on we were inseparable, we played together, we talked about our crushes together
We even applied to Universities together
And that was the time we all went our separate ways for the first time in our 8 years of friendship
Even though we all went to different Universities in different countries
Jessica in Canada, Aisha in The USA and Yara in Italy
We still stayed close,
Until a year ago
When Jessica and Yara decided to go to Brazil, where they contracted some kind of disease
It was like the dominoes effect
First went Jessica
Two weeks later Yara
And now, a year after that Aisha
All that is left is me
Im so alone, without them i am forever alone
Losing someone you love is never easy
I will never have such great friends as them
They stood by me through anything and everything
Never judging me for my mistakes
Never fearing that they would be social Piraeus by being my friends
For that i will always be grateful for them
For their unconditional love
For them i will thank god they have been in my life for as long as they were..