I thought i could survive all by myself

I thought that i could enjoy all the free days without you babe
I tried to tell myself that i will find someone new by now
A year later and i’m still yearning for you
My heart is raising as you walk by
It’s the constant thought of you that’s taking up my soul
what can i say boy..
I’m spoiled by your love
The love you give is just too divine
I’m spoiled by your touch
You touch my skin and my entire body ignites 
I’m spoiled by your voice
How do you think i feel when you call my name darling
It’s just too sweet for me to forget about it
I just can’t believe your love..
You have taken over me..
I love what you do to me…
You have forever spoiled me with your love..

21 thoughts on “Spoiled…..

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    happy blogging!

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