words don’t come easy

picture by Abigail Kabomo

Words don’t come easy

This is true with all of us

We often yearn for a second chance

A chance to erase all our mistakes

A change to fight another battle

But never have the courage to ask for it

The path ahead is never clear

Days are so short and there is so much to do

Sometimes all we need to do is just say

“Let’s forget it”..”Lets Put it aside”

And be grateful for the things we have and the people in our lives

Lay down and watch the stars above

Revel at the wonderful creations around us

The sea, the sun, the Greatness of humanity

The flowers, the singing birds and the love between people

Lets find something better to love than to hate

Let the bitter words spoken by others slide off us

Lets smile it away and look forward to the sunshiny days ahead

Because even though words don’t come easy

Quitting is as easy as a walk in the park

So never give up in despair

Because tomorrow always comes

And the hope for a fresh start…


8 thoughts on “words don’t come easy

  1. great poem 🙂 we just have to believe in hope,because it’s one of the reasons we fight for….and maybe smth extraordinary will come some day 🙂

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