Little Girl

Little girl kisses her mum before school

As she hops through the gates to her class

She smiles and greets everyone with a jolly “hello”

Enthusiastic as she looks forward to her day

Thinking today will be the day i finally make a friend

Little girl kisses her mum goodnight

Tells her “i love you”

But she cries all alone

As she sits up on her bed in the dark of the night

Staining her pillow

Closing her eyes

As she dreams of a better life

A life where she has friends

A life were other kids like her

A life where kids don’t think she is weird or awkward

She is all alone

All that she wants

Is someone to like her…


21 thoughts on “Little Girl

  1. Thats something we all want in this life…….. to be liked.

    It starts so light and airy but descends into the despair of a young child.

  2. It really does, and if it does not get better as she grows up then she will spend her whole life feeling lonely.. which is very sad..thanx for your comment.. 🙂

    • yeah, the loneliness never goes away.. thats how i would imagine the girl all grown up and still crying herself to sleep each glad u enjoyed it. 🙂

    • im glad you enjoyed it. :-D….and thats the exact feeling i hoped to make people feel.. most of the times little girls are too scared to ask for a hug or to tell their parents they dont have any friends..

  3. I think you captured perfectly the isolation that many children feel. While some can make friends easily others for whatever reason can not but no child should ever feel alone and lonely. We must teach our own children to reach out to those kids who may appear different or are isolated so that no little girl ever goes home and crys herself to sleep at night for not having friends. Thank you for posting this. Beautiful.

  4. Great poem. =] It makes me imagine the backstory of this child and realize that we all have been through some form of this. I guess that’s why it actually intrigues me.

  5. This is such a great piece. I love how you have written this poem: how it descends into something darker and sadder. The description of isolation and neglect through the example of the young girl was very touching and perfectly handled. The topic you have tackled in this poem is unique and sad. I liked the way you tackled it though. Very beautiful and well-written poem 🙂

  6. Little girls are the most precious things in the world.. i hope no1 ever goes through anything like this..thank you so much for this.. 🙂

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    • aaww… thank you so much, sometimes i feel like i will be swallowed up by the extreme feelings of sadness on the world, but then i just have to convince myself there are still good people out there.. 🙂

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