Awards Time

It is such an honor to be nominated for these 2 awards and i am so happy because with each award nomination, i feel closer to my readers and followers. I would like to thank my cyber mom Terrie and Lauren for these nominations. They are fantastic poets and writers and forever inspire me to be a good writer as well.






I would like to pass on this award to some poets that i feel are very talented and deserve some recognition. There doesnt seem to be any rules about how many people i can nominate for the award.. SO i guess i should just go ahead and i will see where to stop.

1. Life in a nutshell

2.  Slice of life

3. The butterfly wake

4. Mortal hearts with immortal souls

5.  Soul song

6. Lonelym

7. A journey into the mind of a Leo

8. Take everything with a grain of salt

9. My life in pages

10. The green rose gauging station

11. Uzair Ahmad

12. Its the journey

13. Zebibamillion

14. Can i keep you

15. Verse not prose

16. Jordan marries wavely

17. Found my faith living in sin

18.  Eseljay’s Blog

19.  Black cats and pink shoes

20. Renutva

For now i will only post these 20, there are so many great poets out there it is very hard to pick only a few, and if i havent nominated you, know that its not because i think your blog isnt good, it’s just that there are so many people. You are all awesome and fantastic writers.. :-)..

Peace, Love And Happiness to everyone