Awards Time

It is such an honor to be nominated for these 2 awards and i am so happy because with each award nomination, i feel closer to my readers and followers. I would like to thank my cyber mom Terrie and Lauren for these nominations. They are fantastic poets and writers and forever inspire me to be a good writer as well.






I would like to pass on this award to some poets that i feel are very talented and deserve some recognition. There doesnt seem to be any rules about how many people i can nominate for the award.. SO i guess i should just go ahead and i will see where to stop.

1. Life in a nutshell

2.  Slice of life

3. The butterfly wake

4. Mortal hearts with immortal souls

5.  Soul song

6. Lonelym

7. A journey into the mind of a Leo

8. Take everything with a grain of salt

9. My life in pages

10. The green rose gauging station

11. Uzair Ahmad

12. Its the journey

13. Zebibamillion

14. Can i keep you

15. Verse not prose

16. Jordan marries wavely

17. Found my faith living in sin

18.  Eseljay’s Blog

19.  Black cats and pink shoes

20. Renutva

For now i will only post these 20, there are so many great poets out there it is very hard to pick only a few, and if i havent nominated you, know that its not because i think your blog isnt good, it’s just that there are so many people. You are all awesome and fantastic writers.. :-)..

Peace, Love And Happiness to everyone


The Versatile Blogger Award

Being nominated for this award by so many of my fellow bloggers is such an honor and a surprise. I am so very ecstatic  to be accepting this award once more. SO many amazing bloggers to thank, so I would like to thank Leila , rickcag , thecurvyspine , veehcirra  , kara  , Maiya and Joey Flowers for nominating me for this awesome award.

The Rules

There are a few rules to acknowledge before I send this award on to others, so let’s get that out of the way first:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post. (check)
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

So i shall start with the 7 things you might not know about me

1. I shall be 23 very soon.. 🙂

2. I absolutely can not stand people who ignorant people

3. I am forever affected by the horrible way the world is

4. I have been writing since i can remember

5. I am working on a novel, hopefully it will be published soon ( fingers crossed :-D)

6. I am a soon to be university graduate

7. I have another blog that i write articles about anything which affects me in this ugly world. Can check it out here

15 bloggers that i have recently discovered and feel need recognition

1. calligraphyoflight because they are an up and coming photographer with amazing pictures

2. jsirrah Because he write beautiful, sometimes unnerving poetry.

3.nestdesignstudio Because the post amazing home design ideas.

4. gopantone Because they create beautiful and interesting posts.

5.  blackbird Because they write beautiful poetry and deserve some recognition

6. cutsyoursoul The name says it all..

7. beyondreason Because she puts together soulful, emotional creations

8. katie’scamerablog Because she takes beautiful and imaginative pictures

9. francisbarkerart Because he writes beautiful mind boggling poetry

10. medusamoon Because she writes awesome poems, plus i just love the name of the blog.. 🙂

11. bennaga Because he is a great writer and keeps me wondering what he will post next.

12. photobackstory Because he posts amazing pictures

13. nicbuchan Because he deserves to be recognized for his very beautiful poems..

14. listentothewords Because they write amazing poems which keep my mind agile through out the day

14. reclusewritings Because not only do you get to read his incredible creations, you can also get to listen to his readings of his poems on his blog.

Please do check out these blogs because they are very interesting.. 😀

My Second Award… YEEYY!!

I’m really stoked to see my blog nominated for a second award which i have been nominated for by Miss TinyToes and Writeitfeelit. I never thought my blog would be so appreciated by so many people. Thanks a lot  and This award is called LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. 😀

About this award: This is an award given to blogs that have less than 200 followers and deserve more recognition and encouragement.There are some guidelines that has to be followed while giving or receiving the Award.

1.Thank the blogger who gave you the Award.
2.Pick 5 small blogs that are worth the honors.
3.Spread the words about liebster Awards
The bloggers i Nominate for this award are :
I nominate these blogs because even though they are so different, they are awesome, creative and heart warming. They deserve to be appreciated and praised. 😀

Versatile Blogger Award

To be put on the list for a Versatile Blogger Award by terri0729  and willow21

is quite an honor and a challenge. Thank you so much for thinking about me Teresa, we have come to be real and amazing friends ever since we met and i am forever inspired by your poetry and beautiful thoughts. 😀

In order to be a winner though, I have to honor the person who listed me, (see above) list 15 bloggers, and jot down 7 things about myself.

These are the 15 bloggers who i want to give the award to because i love their blogs and feel they are a must read.

1. : she has become a dear friend of mine and she writes beautiful poetry.

2. : Because he is a very special someone in my life for a long time now and hopefully for a long time to come. He inspires me to write more poetry and is a very talented writer himself.

3. : Because he writes incredible and mind boggling poetry that amazes me every time i read it.

4. : Because he is a terrific poet and all of his poems are on another level of greatness.

5. : Because she has an great fitness blog which could benefit everyone.

6. : Because he takes breath taking pictures and has become my biggest fan who loves my poetry.

7. : Because he writes beautiful, sometimes controversial poetry.

8. : Because she writes such amazing romance poetry.

9. : Because she has a great fashion blog with really fantastic chic fashion sense..

10. : Because her poetry is beautiful.

11. : Because he introduced me to the world of haikus.. and i feel his blog has the most amazing ones..

12. : Because i simply love her blog and her poems.

13. : Because she writes about her struggles as a mother and its very inspiring.

14. : Because he writes beautiful poetry and i feel that he deserves some recognition.

15. : Because she writes to aspire, motivate and succeed. She writes great inspirational posts.

7 things you might have not known about me. 😀

  • I am a 23 year old soon to be fresh graduate
  • I have been writing since i was 10 years old
  • My poems and stories are written from experience, observations and my crazy imaginative forever fantasizing mind.
  • I am a hopeless romantic, cliche i know, but i believe in finding the right man, my knight in shinning armor and living happily ever after, travelling the world and writing in pure happiness.
  • I have a super shoe obsession.
  • Apart from writing, i also love reading, painting, drawing, and everything else that’s creative enough for me to try out.
  • I am currently working on a very special novel that i hold very dearly to my heart..Maybe one day i may publish it.. 😀