Swallows me whole and leaves me fetal 


Twirls me up in a tornado of emotions
Crawls through my throat and rips my insides inside out
Infects me with queasiness and tears me apart
Sets me on a wild goose chase searching for my soul
Makes me want to cleave my eyes out because i dont want to witness my demise
Is it all in my mind or does the horror exist??


I live in padlocked terror

Is it today is it tomorrow
Is it the day that’s going to be my sorrow
Am i being punished for being the creature that i am
Hard times come and drag me down
Down into the deepest scum filled gulf
In a state of abyss here i slouch
slain in my journey to survival
My soul tumbles into the deep void
Waiting for the ogres and trolls to come 
To come and gather my soulless bag of severed carcass

Tales Of A Traded Little Girl..finale

As she sprinted across the hard  pavement barefoot
Her sun deprived skin greatly soaking in all the blazing heat
She could hear all the yelling and screaming coming from the house
This made her run  faster than her small legs could take her
Before she knew it she was in the bustling streets 
Rushing past the busy morning workers on their daily routine
Not even noticing a broken little girl hobbling past them
Suddenly she crashed onto a young woman with a baby
Dropped on her knees and broke down into long awaited tears
Letting out all the ache,terror,fatigue and delight of freedom out
The woman, not knowing what to do, put her baby in the stroller,wrapped her in a tight embrace and cradled her small body
She wept for what seemed line an eternity until only small shivers of aftershock ran through her body
Knowing that in this woman’s arms she had found refuge
As she rested her head on the woman’s soft bosoms she knew that she had found a home
And from that day on the two of them set out to destroy the men who tortured her
The woman vowed that she would go to the ends of the world if that’s what it took, to make them pay for breaking her precious little girl’s soul

Tales Of A Traded Little Girl… Part 3

As she crouched behind the door 
Waiting for the sun to rise 
Waiting for the routine dulling of the senses
The adrenalin running through her veins
She could already taste the trepidation with in her
The door slammed open and just as the ugly scarface walked in the room
She thrust her knee onto his crotch
As he dropped onto a fatal position she grabbed his gun and flew past him
 Passing the other rooms and hearing the revolting moans of men
Knowing very well what the other girls in the room were enduring
She could not wait to be out of the house of torture
Ahead of her was a big red door, and just as she was about to reach it
A big creepy man stood in front of it, grinning with teeth as yellow as corn
She came to a  rigid halt,dread and anxiety consuming her
She looked all around her for an escape route, then suddenly remembered she had a gun at hand
She slowly lifted it up aiming towards the man as he stride slowly towards her
Then she suddenly started running on the opposite direction were she saw light coming in from the only exposed window
As she got closer and closer to the window she started shooting
With the creepy man right on her toes she jumped through the window head first 
And instantly felt the warmth and light of the sun on her cold blood spattered skin…
The forth and concluding part of this mini series will be coming soon.. 🙂

Tales Of A Traded Little Girl.. part 1

The houses reveal faces

The ground reveal footsteps

The grass reveal the beauty mother earth gave to us
The blue chilled sky reveal the intoxicating atmosphere
The chippy songs sangs by the birds of paradise serenade
The rivers splash water flowing drowning out the screams
Blood drips from the top of the ceiling slowly
Soft sobs are all around the room as the they are too exhausted and scared to cry
Her fingers are bloody from all the nail chewing
She looks down at her stinky dress
Trying to remember how long its been since she bathed or even had a drop of water
By now her dress its clinging to her like a ghost which does not understand “NO”
Suddenly the door slams open and her heart jumps plummets into her tummy
Tears start flowing hot down her cheek as she starts saying a silent prayer under her breath
“please don’t let it be me, please don’t let it be me, please not today”
Footsteps start walking slowly towards her….
To be continued…….

Black Heart

Imperfection caresses my soul
Darkness looms above my heart
Some think it is pure and white
Some believe it has shades of the rainbow painted all over it
None really know the truth
The terror with in me
Hidden in the middle of the chaos
The beauty of the darkness is unimaginable
Yet i am so scared to look within
To embrace the darkness with in my being
Black as the dark night of the soul
As i try to open up for the light to go in
I feel it plummeting into my stomach
Light does not shine through
All that is left is a shriveling heart
As the last thought drifts into my mind
All that is left is emptiness

Walls Of Destruction

The walls i build around me are as hard as steel

Put around me to protect me

But instead they bring me pain

Because with them so high i have nothing to gain

I keep you at a distance so you see only the facade

So that my troubled, misery filled life does not infect you.

Pushing you away would be the best protection

Because i don’t want to strengthen the connection

I am terrified of my severe feelings for you

They have a hold on to me which makes me blue

My life always seem to lead to pain

Being with me you have nothing to gain

No matter how hard I try to disappear

 I never seem to be in the clear

I want to live my life with no terror

Terrified that someone will walk up to me and hurt me

Terrified that someone will leave me

Terrified that nothing will never workout for me

Terrified that i will end up alone

Because all i bring to your life is pain

I just want to be normal and bring joy to you..

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