Sometimes I wish I could be your shadow..
To trail behind you like a lost soul trying to catch on to its body..
Just so that I can get a chance…..
A fruitless, mindless chance…
To simply exist within the same space as you..


Battle Of The Souls….


The night is dark, as terrifying demons lie in wait

I hold my armor up and prepare for battle 
I put my soul at risk to destroy the monsters running in the shadows
Combat goes on for eternity under the gloomy moon
Limbs are torn and bones are crushed
Eyes glaring like empty holes on their faces
Until daylight comes and they disappear into nothingness like they never where
Leaving only whispers and veils of the war before


Lost The Light To Our Love..

You used to be my sunshine

The light that shines my path

But now you are the darkness that glooms above

The shadows passing behind me

I yearn for your deep, husky, sinister embraces

The small glow of light that guides me to the future is slowly blowing off

Now I’m left here all alone

In the dark

Unable to find my way

Locked away to  rot forever in this senseless abyss of sever loneliness