Take Me

I stand by the window..
Looking at the beautiful starry night sky..
Wishing he could feel my ache..
The longing in the pit of my being..
The uncontrollable urge to be taken.

Looking back at him laying peacefully..
A small smile on his face as he slumbers..

Off in dreamland he rests..
As I keep looking over his beautiful, manly body.
I wonder if he knows how he makes me feel..
I wonder if he knows how his touch makes me shiver..
If he knows how I wish we could be connected forever..
How his kisses melt me into a soaking dripping mess..
How his glance caresses my soul..

Oh how I crave him..
How I yearn for those slow wet trails of kisses across my neck..
How I’m needy for his calloused hands all over my body..
How I hanker for him to take me leisurely..
As if he has all the time in the world..
How I wish for the deep, slow, torturous thrusts..
Looking deep into my soul.. Stealing it away with a simple perusal..
How I desire the slow ascension to the explosion..
Building, and taking us higher with every second..
How I hunger for that sexy, hoarse way he whisper my name..
As we explode into oblivion in each other’s arms..

Oh how I need to be taken..

And then You disappeared

I thought we were friends
I thought I could trust you
I thought you understood me
I thought you knew me
I thought you heard me
I thought you saw me for me
And then you touched me
Then you kissed me
Then you held me close
Then you lay in my arms
Lay in between my legs
Then you told me I was sexy
Then you told me I could be yours..
If only for a moment in time..
And then you had me..
Tasted me.. Devoured me..
Going so deep I didn’t know where you ended or where I began..
And once you had all of me..
You said nothing would change..

And then you disappeared..



You are the reason I draw breathes
The reason I open my eyes
The reason my heart beats a little too fast
The reason I can smell the blossoms
The reason I hear birds chip in the morning
The reason I smile
The reason my lips tingle with just a slight touch from yours
The reason my spine curves with just a stroke of your finger
You are the reason my body lights up with just a glance from your mesmerizing eyes
The reason my toes curl up in ecstasy every time I hear your deep baritone
You are the reason
My reason for everything

No doubt…

I have no doubt sweetheart

That you could be mine
That I could be your forever
That I could make you forget
That I could steal your heart
That I could make you my world

I have no doubt that I could love you fully and completely..
For eternity..
If only you would give me one more night..


Wicked Angel..


An angel, yet devilish you are..
Pure and corrupted all at once..
Powerful, with a hint of vulnerability on the inside..
Cruelly hard edged, yet savagely sweet..
With ice cold eyes which hide severe emotions..
You are my fantasy mixed with my reality..
Haunting me with your nightmares..
Then soothing me with your sweet dreams..
I knew I loved you long before..
Before you sauntered into my life you wicked angel..

I Look At You..


I look at you and think..

You have the loveliest heart..

I think you are the funniest man ever to exist..
I think you are the most powerful man alive..
I think you are the sexiest being on the planet..
I think i just might be the luckiest girl on earth..
I think we were created for each other..
I look at your sparkling sleepy eyes..
Laying there looking all coy and playful and think..
How i’m completely obsessed with you..
Heck i think i love you maybe a tad too much..
Like a drug I never want to quit..
You are forever my addiction..

Kiss me…


“Kiss me more”…

“Kiss me deeper”…

“Kiss me longer”…

“Kiss me however you wish”…You whisper…
“Kiss me when ever you please”…you growl…
“Kiss me wherever you are”…you gasp…
Sweetheart ill embrace you eternally…
I’ll kiss you till our breath runs out…
Then I will kiss you once more tasting our sweetest love…
Caressing your tongue I will set your soul on fire…
Straddling you, I will kiss you till we intertwine…

Sweet Everlasting love..

What a night it shall be

Rose paddles swathe the floor in loveliness 
Candles illuminate the room in splendor
The silhouette of your solid manly body entices me
I can almost feel your rough hands caressing my soft skin
I want to feel your hot breath on my neck
To lay in your strong hands as you impatiently take me
To look in your eyes and see the lust and desire
As you claim me now and forever
Making me yours to devour as you please for eternity
As my gown drops to the floor my heart skips a beat
Knowing very well that all my dreams are drawing nearer 
Your soft lingering kisses become passionate by the second
Fumbling eagerly with your tuxedo i can see the excitement in your eyes
This night we have been waiting for for ages
Tonight we finally seal our love..

She Cast A Spell On Me…

We lie here next to each other

In the dark of the night
As she slip deeper and deeper into nothingness
So peacefully she breathes fluffed up like a light feather
So light, her chest moves up and down
Like a sweet, beautiful angel she rests
Like a flexible gorgeous ballerina her body lounges
Limbs spread out and stretched out
Her skin so soft i cant stop caressing it
Her magnificent radiance astonishes me
She is not like the others
Like a sexy vixen she cast a spell on me
She made me surrender myself to her
How she did it i have no idea
But in no time she made me hers
And hers i shall be for life