First Touch…

“Iv never done this before”.. I whispered more to myself than to her..
“I’m glad i’m your first” She murmured..
Distracted by the sound of my dress hitting the floor..
She watched me…No.. Gazed at me..
Eyes glazed over in lust..Pure unadulterated desire..
Taking everything in as if in a trance..
As if I’m the sexiest vixen alive..
She sat quietly as I took off every stitch of clothing..
Letting them fall one by one..
Exposing myself to her hungry stare..
Until I stood in front of her with just my heels..
As she strolled towards me.. Prowled more like
Focused, sexy and confident..
Like a panther stalking it’s prey..
Ready for the take down..
A slight shiver of anticipation runs though my body..
As she stops in front of me she ran her hands over me..
Leaving goose bumps trailing behind her caress..
Starting at the nape of my neck.. Down my arms..
Touching the side of my breast.. Barely grazing my nipples..
“So beautiful” She said sounding amazed..
“Am I really all she says i am” my mind starts to wonder…
She moves her hands down my waist..
Grabbing my butt and squeezing roughly..
Moaning deep in her throat before her soft perfect lips crashed down on mine…
All thought dissipated…
All that mattered was this feeling.. This moment..


Nobody Said It Was Easy..

I tell you i love you
You run for the hills
I tell you you are mine
You frown in disbelief
I hold you close wishing you would do the same
You hold me lightly and feebly
Questioning my every action
Oh my darling why do you doubt me so?
Why has this fear gripped your heart?
Ours could be the love spoken of in poem,
Sang about in songs, 
Written about in novels,
Danced about by ballerinas,
Our souls,bodies and hearts could be eternally intertwined
If only you can push through the pain..

Like Gold We Melt….

When we touch it turns into gold

I picture the day we will grow old
The stars are aligned for us to lounge
Confused they glare at us as if we are deranged
All we want to do is nest
We hold on to each other till our last breath
What can i do baby i think I’m dying
Like magic
We melt into each other and become one

Lovers Everlastingly…

Look where we are and what we have been through

Sharing our dreams and fantasies
When i walked into your life, i knew i would never leave
I remember when we used to walk hand in hand in the park
Way back when we had no care in the world
Lets not forget the times when all hope was lost
Yet we still stuck together
So here we are, still together after all the controversies
I will always treasure every kiss, every hug, every look
Every time you hold me near
I know that for as long as we have each other
Nothing else in the world can go wrong
Love you forever i will 
Our souls intertwine indefinitely
Lovers forever to the very brink