A single thought

I sit here watching you
Looking at your face
I suddenly realize
You are not so handsome after all

I sit here listening to you speak
Listening but not really hearing you
Then I realize
Your words aren’t so sweet after all

I sit here seeing you move
Watching your hands
And realize suddenly
Your touch isn’t so soft and affectionate after all

I sit here peering at you
gazing deep into your eyes
And I realize suddenly
Your eyes aren’t so deep and loving after all

I sit here wondering
Maybe, just maybe, you are not it
Maybe you are not my soul mate
Maybe I’m not in love with you after all

I sit here saddened by a thought
A thought I’m having for the first time since we met
A thought sending shocks through my being
A thought that maybe
 I just might have to break your heart
And in turn break my own heart

Under Your Touch

Under your touch is where I blossom

Into a beautiful flower I bloom

Taking the form of your unfathomable longing

Loving me amply you bore deeply into me

Possessing me so completely there is no separation between us

I quivered and tensed from  your persistent insatiable tortures

I must indulge in you now

I need you more than I ever have anything in my existence

More than my next breath..