First Touch…

“Iv never done this before”.. I whispered more to myself than to her..
“I’m glad i’m your first” She murmured..
Distracted by the sound of my dress hitting the floor..
She watched me…No.. Gazed at me..
Eyes glazed over in lust..Pure unadulterated desire..
Taking everything in as if in a trance..
As if I’m the sexiest vixen alive..
She sat quietly as I took off every stitch of clothing..
Letting them fall one by one..
Exposing myself to her hungry stare..
Until I stood in front of her with just my heels..
As she strolled towards me.. Prowled more like
Focused, sexy and confident..
Like a panther stalking it’s prey..
Ready for the take down..
A slight shiver of anticipation runs though my body..
As she stops in front of me she ran her hands over me..
Leaving goose bumps trailing behind her caress..
Starting at the nape of my neck.. Down my arms..
Touching the side of my breast.. Barely grazing my nipples..
“So beautiful” She said sounding amazed..
“Am I really all she says i am” my mind starts to wonder…
She moves her hands down my waist..
Grabbing my butt and squeezing roughly..
Moaning deep in her throat before her soft perfect lips crashed down on mine…
All thought dissipated…
All that mattered was this feeling.. This moment..


Forbidden Love..Part 3

He was driving like a maniac, swerving and almost going head first onto an oncoming truck. For the past few months his wife had been unnaturally jolly. Her whole behavior has been different, uplifted. She has been caring more about her looks, clothes and even started working out. Caring more about him and trying her best to make sure things between them are great.

At first he thought he must be doing something right and finally making her happy, but then he realized it had nothing to do with him, he noticed small changes, new sexy underwear, hushed whispers on the phone, spending more time outside the house with her friends and the utter lack of passion and heat in their love making.

Ahmed had fully concluded that his wife was having an affair. That’s when he came up with a plan to catch her in the act and confirm his suspicions. He told her he was going on a business trip for the week and hired a private investigator to let him know when his wife meets her lover, then went to hide out at a hotel. Now as he hurried back to his house he wished he had never gotten the call. He kept replaying the words over and over in his head.

Your suspicions where right and they are in your house this very minute” the private investigator said over the phone.

Ahmed did not even wait to hear the rest of the findings and was out of the door in a heartbeat. As he was entering his driveway his heart was beating so hard he thought it would pop out from his chest. As he slowly and quietly opened the living room, he still wished the P.I was wrong, but as he neared the stairs he heard the sounds. He heard her moaning and screaming and pictured her quivering with pleasure as a man caressed her soft, plum body, as he ravished and kissed her.

He walked slowly up the stairs, the sounds getting louder as he got closer to the bedroom door, the sounds made his skin crawl, he felt the hair on his back stand.

Where is he?” He yelled furiously as he slammed the bedroom door open.

Oh my god Ahmed! What are you doing here?!”  Yara shrieked in disbelieve and shame.

Where is the bastard you are fucking?” he roared through the bedroom, ripping the sheets from his wife’s hands as she tried to cover herself up in futility.  He stomped through the room looking under the bed, in the bathroom, out of the window, behind the curtains and as he jerked open the closet door his emotions went into turmoil from pain, to fury and finally confusion.

Anaise?!” He stared at her feeling like he had just been kicked in the gut..

To be continued with the final part… 🙂

Forbidden Love.. Part One

As i sit watching her from afar, watching her every move, her hazel innocent eyes, her soft pink lips, her voluptuous lustrous body,her long silky hair. I wonder is she thinking about me, does she even know i exist, every muscle in my body aches the more i am apart from her. All i want to do is walk up to her, grab her by her small waist and embrace her but i cant. I have to keep reminding myself i am married. I have a wonderful husband who adores me and i have to keep away from Anaise.
We met on a cold rainy night, my husband and i had just gotten into a big fight. I went on a drive to the closest coffee shop and the moment i walked into the shop my eyes went directly to her, in her short shorts, long shiny hair falling gently over her shoulders. I felt an instant connection that i didn’t understand, she walked right up to me and told me how breath taking i was, being so long since i heard that from anyone, i fell for her that very minute.
” I am Anaise” she said the words flowing seductively out of her.
” I am Yara” i responded quietly and nervously feeling extremely flushed. We talked all night long, laughing and flirting, i never understood the feelings i developed for her, a woman can never feel that way for another woman. I had been told this on many occasions. From that night on i could never stop thinking about her, every time i’m with my husband i cant stop comparing him to her. When he touches me, all i can think about is his hands are not as gentle as hers, when he kisses me all i can think about is his lips are not as soft and delicious as hers, when he makes love to me i feel a pang of guilt and disgust because i am faking what should be the most beautiful act between two people who love each other.

” Hey beautiful, wanna get out of here?” Anaise says, pulling me away from my thoughts as she sat down and kissed me on the cheek

To be continued…