Substitute Lover..

Tonight i want more
Something more than fervor
Do you really love me underneath all the insatiable sex
Your breath feels like a ghost’s whisper
As we dig deeper and deeper
I thought you were my prince charming, sent to save me
Constantly charming and seductive with your slippery tongue
Coming into my life just when i needed you
Showering me with attention,pearls and diamonds
But always going back to her
Telling me you will leave her when the right time comes
Telling me that she is nothing compared to me
My heart shrieks with pain at the thought of you with her
Do you lay your hands on her the way you do me
Do you nibble on her fingers the way you do mine
Do you gulp from her open veins of love the way you drain mine
I guess i got exactly what i asked for
What i wanted so dreadfully
But tonight i want something more
Tonight i don’t want just pleasure because it leaves me bare
I won’t settle for just the thrill
So this is my notice to you
Because i will be your substitute lover no more