A Whisper..

“Please don’t go”..We whisper to the sun..
Spring flowers bloom in the distance..
A cool breeze calms as we walk past the beach..
Swishing and crashing the waves carry on oblivious..
Hands clasped around one another..
No worries in the world..
Evening closes by and the sun slowly slips away..
Staring up at the darkening sky..
And we know what is coming..
The month of love is upon us..
And dwell in it we shall..



Joy Marks My Soul…..

Happiness marks my souls

Keeps me alive
Takes me to new bounds
Lifts my spirits
Puts a wide beam on my face
Ooh what iv done to deserve this joy i fail to know
But i shall cherish it
Hold it close to my skipping heart
For i know how lucky i am