Tales Of A Traded Little Girl.. part 1

The houses reveal faces

The ground reveal footsteps

The grass reveal the beauty mother earth gave to us
The blue chilled sky reveal the intoxicating atmosphere
The chippy songs sangs by the birds of paradise serenade
The rivers splash water flowing drowning out the screams
Blood drips from the top of the ceiling slowly
Soft sobs are all around the room as the they are too exhausted and scared to cry
Her fingers are bloody from all the nail chewing
She looks down at her stinky dress
Trying to remember how long its been since she bathed or even had a drop of water
By now her dress its clinging to her like a ghost which does not understand “NO”
Suddenly the door slams open and her heart jumps plummets into her tummy
Tears start flowing hot down her cheek as she starts saying a silent prayer under her breath
“please don’t let it be me, please don’t let it be me, please not today”
Footsteps start walking slowly towards her….
To be continued…….

Black Heart

Imperfection caresses my soul
Darkness looms above my heart
Some think it is pure and white
Some believe it has shades of the rainbow painted all over it
None really know the truth
The terror with in me
Hidden in the middle of the chaos
The beauty of the darkness is unimaginable
Yet i am so scared to look within
To embrace the darkness with in my being
Black as the dark night of the soul
As i try to open up for the light to go in
I feel it plummeting into my stomach
Light does not shine through
All that is left is a shriveling heart
As the last thought drifts into my mind
All that is left is emptiness

Pain..Unbearable Pain..

Pain- unbearable

Pain- horrible strong feelings

Pain- unforgettable

I hide the pain behind the smile on my face

The unbearable pain

I keep deep inside

The horrible, strong feelings

Eating through my flesh

The unforgettable pain


The pain is so strong

It’s like taking a knife

Stabbing and twisting it

Into my flesh


Fighting the pain

The tears

The battle to keep a smile on my face


Killing me


Eating me away

pain is what i go through everyday

pain is just being me

pain hurts once its in you

pain is painful

pain makes you sufer

pain makes you want to cry

pain makes you want to scream

pain takes control

pain makes others hate you

pain makes you mad

pain makes you want to hide or runaway

pain wont let you sleep

Obsessing over the pain wont get you anywhere

So never let the pain rule your life…like it does so many others

Little Girl

Little girl kisses her mum before school

As she hops through the gates to her class

She smiles and greets everyone with a jolly “hello”

Enthusiastic as she looks forward to her day

Thinking today will be the day i finally make a friend

Little girl kisses her mum goodnight

Tells her “i love you”

But she cries all alone

As she sits up on her bed in the dark of the night

Staining her pillow

Closing her eyes

As she dreams of a better life

A life where she has friends

A life were other kids like her

A life where kids don’t think she is weird or awkward

She is all alone

All that she wants

Is someone to like her…