My mind is a torturous hole
Never leaving me on my own
Forever insisting on ripping my soul apart
Always pondering though out scenario or another
One “what if” or the other
One painful memory or another
I am eternally sucked into my abyss of a brain
Leaving my spirit stained with blotches of sadness
How am I ever to survive..

Battle Of The Souls….


The night is dark, as terrifying demons lie in wait

I hold my armor up and prepare for battle 
I put my soul at risk to destroy the monsters running in the shadows
Combat goes on for eternity under the gloomy moon
Limbs are torn and bones are crushed
Eyes glaring like empty holes on their faces
Until daylight comes and they disappear into nothingness like they never where
Leaving only whispers and veils of the war before



Swallows me whole and leaves me fetal 


Twirls me up in a tornado of emotions
Crawls through my throat and rips my insides inside out
Infects me with queasiness and tears me apart
Sets me on a wild goose chase searching for my soul
Makes me want to cleave my eyes out because i dont want to witness my demise
Is it all in my mind or does the horror exist??

Me Against The Light….

I stand in the darkness perplexed
Trying to find the switch to no avail
Have been asleep for days
Yet the sun does not appear
Round and round i go searching for a way out
Shadows linger waiting for my last breath
I hear sounds of freedom and radiance flowing from afar
Just as I see a ray of hope
Gloom engulfs me once more
Like a flower i wilt to my inevitable demise

Love Throb…

Cant stop thinking about you

As i lay here awake, unable to sleep
It may seem like i’m selfish, or crazy, or living in the past
But I’m always wondering..
Am I the love of your life
Like you are the love of my life
I feel a cold shiver moving down my spine like a cube of ice
Why is it that you don’t want to fight for me to stay
Like a cheetah waiting for its prey
You only want me when i run
Resting here alone waiting for the midnight sun
I wish you ached for me as i do for you
But you live on with no clue
Meeting your mates and going on long dates
Are we to work hard for our love or is it just fate
I feel like you are slipping away from me
Our love hurts so much that it leaves a depth in my heart


I live in padlocked terror

Is it today is it tomorrow
Is it the day that’s going to be my sorrow
Am i being punished for being the creature that i am
Hard times come and drag me down
Down into the deepest scum filled gulf
In a state of abyss here i slouch
slain in my journey to survival
My soul tumbles into the deep void
Waiting for the ogres and trolls to come 
To come and gather my soulless bag of severed carcass

The Kiss Of A Temptress

From the beginning of time
She walked on a cloud of bliss
Like the night sky her eyes glisten 
Like the long silk slip her hair falls velvety over her shoulders
Her soft bosom plum and ripe, perfectly ready for her aficionado
Her soft skin one shade more appealing than the rays of the sun
Her garb wrapped around her like the vines of a lustful tree
Her feet as supple as a new born baby’s tush 
When she talks its like a melody taken from the songs of the springs
Heaving you closer as she wraps you in a trance of her words
Drowsing your mind with her fumes of allure
A rosy bruise appears from the lines where her fingers caress you
With her pouty lips she will give you the kiss of your demise
Sucking the existence and light out of you leaving only shadows of dusk
Leaving only stiff lifeless oozing darkness

Tales Of A Traded Little Girl..finale

As she sprinted across the hard  pavement barefoot
Her sun deprived skin greatly soaking in all the blazing heat
She could hear all the yelling and screaming coming from the house
This made her run  faster than her small legs could take her
Before she knew it she was in the bustling streets 
Rushing past the busy morning workers on their daily routine
Not even noticing a broken little girl hobbling past them
Suddenly she crashed onto a young woman with a baby
Dropped on her knees and broke down into long awaited tears
Letting out all the ache,terror,fatigue and delight of freedom out
The woman, not knowing what to do, put her baby in the stroller,wrapped her in a tight embrace and cradled her small body
She wept for what seemed line an eternity until only small shivers of aftershock ran through her body
Knowing that in this woman’s arms she had found refuge
As she rested her head on the woman’s soft bosoms she knew that she had found a home
And from that day on the two of them set out to destroy the men who tortured her
The woman vowed that she would go to the ends of the world if that’s what it took, to make them pay for breaking her precious little girl’s soul

Tales Of A Traded Little Girl… Part 3

As she crouched behind the door 
Waiting for the sun to rise 
Waiting for the routine dulling of the senses
The adrenalin running through her veins
She could already taste the trepidation with in her
The door slammed open and just as the ugly scarface walked in the room
She thrust her knee onto his crotch
As he dropped onto a fatal position she grabbed his gun and flew past him
 Passing the other rooms and hearing the revolting moans of men
Knowing very well what the other girls in the room were enduring
She could not wait to be out of the house of torture
Ahead of her was a big red door, and just as she was about to reach it
A big creepy man stood in front of it, grinning with teeth as yellow as corn
She came to a  rigid halt,dread and anxiety consuming her
She looked all around her for an escape route, then suddenly remembered she had a gun at hand
She slowly lifted it up aiming towards the man as he stride slowly towards her
Then she suddenly started running on the opposite direction were she saw light coming in from the only exposed window
As she got closer and closer to the window she started shooting
With the creepy man right on her toes she jumped through the window head first 
And instantly felt the warmth and light of the sun on her cold blood spattered skin…
The forth and concluding part of this mini series will be coming soon.. 🙂

Tales Of A Traded Little Girl… Part 2

As the foot steps get closer and closer

Her sobs become louder and louder
She can hardly contain her terror as her heart beats hard and fast
She feels as though it will beat right out of her chest
The big scary man with a wicked scar on his face walks by her court, stops for a second
Then he grabs the other girl right next to her
And she sighs a small prayer of gratitude and relief
He pulls the other girl by her hair on the dirty freezing floor
As she screams, yells, kicks and even tries to bite, but the man is just too vicious and much stronger than her
He stops and slaps her across the face but the girl is too hysterical
He rams his foot into her ribs and she whimpers in soft, painful almost non existent tones which finally die out as she loses consciousness
He makes a rough, ugly croak like sound which is supposed to be a laugh 
Then puts her dead weight on his shoulders and yells at the rest of them to keep quiet..
He slams the door behind him and she finally breaks down into tears
Thinking of all the things the ugly scarface will do to the other girl
Just as she is trying to relax the man strides in again
Walking fast towards her, then jams a metal object into her arm
As she sinks into a world of dreams,nightmares and wishful thinking
She silently says another prayer, as she is always glad to get the needle with the weird fluid
Because it takes her into the dream world, were she can run free with her puppy in the wild flower garden and be happy
Her last thought is her mother baking the ginger bread man for Chritmas
Then darkness consumes her thoughts…
To be continued….