Take Me

I stand by the window..
Looking at the beautiful starry night sky..
Wishing he could feel my ache..
The longing in the pit of my being..
The uncontrollable urge to be taken.

Looking back at him laying peacefully..
A small smile on his face as he slumbers..

Off in dreamland he rests..
As I keep looking over his beautiful, manly body.
I wonder if he knows how he makes me feel..
I wonder if he knows how his touch makes me shiver..
If he knows how I wish we could be connected forever..
How his kisses melt me into a soaking dripping mess..
How his glance caresses my soul..

Oh how I crave him..
How I yearn for those slow wet trails of kisses across my neck..
How I’m needy for his calloused hands all over my body..
How I hanker for him to take me leisurely..
As if he has all the time in the world..
How I wish for the deep, slow, torturous thrusts..
Looking deep into my soul.. Stealing it away with a simple perusal..
How I desire the slow ascension to the explosion..
Building, and taking us higher with every second..
How I hunger for that sexy, hoarse way he whisper my name..
As we explode into oblivion in each other’s arms..

Oh how I need to be taken..

And then You disappeared

I thought we were friends
I thought I could trust you
I thought you understood me
I thought you knew me
I thought you heard me
I thought you saw me for me
And then you touched me
Then you kissed me
Then you held me close
Then you lay in my arms
Lay in between my legs
Then you told me I was sexy
Then you told me I could be yours..
If only for a moment in time..
And then you had me..
Tasted me.. Devoured me..
Going so deep I didn’t know where you ended or where I began..
And once you had all of me..
You said nothing would change..

And then you disappeared..

Everyday Is Valentine’s Day

We might not talk everyday
We might be continents apart
It might sometimes seem like i don’t think of you
But know that you are always on my mind and in my heart
Weather you are my family,my beloved friend or my soul mate
I thank god everyday that i have you
As this precious day of love comes to an end
I will forever treasure you 
And always be grateful for having you in my life
Let us shower each other with affection and appreciation
And Let everyday be valentines day ♥

Coping with the loss of friends

Iv lost so much in my life

So much love
So much opportunity
So much excitement and adventure
People are supposed to come and go
For me that was a daily occurrence
Untill i met the 3 most wonderful girls in the world
Before them i had no friends
Jessica, Pamela and Yara
It was raining on the day that we met
13 years ago
4 little girls pulled together by our vast differences
Jessica, a blond Canadian brainiac who spoke no Setswana what so ever
Aisha, a Malawian Muslim loner who was afraid to talk to anyone else
Yara, a brazilian beauty whose only english words where “hello” and “goodbye”
And me, well i was never generally liked by anyone from anywhere for reasons beyond my understanding
And there we where, all waiting for our parents to pick us up not knowing what a lifelong bond we were forming
from that day on we were inseparable, we played together, we talked about our crushes together
We even applied to Universities together
And that was the time we all went our separate ways for the first time in our 8 years of friendship
Even though we all went to different Universities in different countries
Jessica in Canada, Aisha in The USA and Yara in Italy
We still stayed close,
Until a year ago
When Jessica and Yara decided to go to Brazil, where they contracted some kind of disease
It was like the dominoes effect
First went Jessica
Two weeks later Yara
And now, a year after that Aisha
All that is left is me
Im so alone, without them i am forever alone
Losing someone you love is never easy
I will never have such great friends as them
They stood by me through anything and everything
Never judging me for my mistakes
Never fearing that they would be social Piraeus by being my friends
For that i will always be grateful for them
For their unconditional love
For them i will thank god they have been in my life for as long as they were..