Kiss me…


“Kiss me more”…

“Kiss me deeper”…

“Kiss me longer”…

“Kiss me however you wish”…You whisper…
“Kiss me when ever you please”…you growl…
“Kiss me wherever you are”…you gasp…
Sweetheart ill embrace you eternally…
I’ll kiss you till our breath runs out…
Then I will kiss you once more tasting our sweetest love…
Caressing your tongue I will set your soul on fire…
Straddling you, I will kiss you till we intertwine…

Weak On Your Knees

Weak on your knees
Dripping syrup on your body
Slipping an ice cube down your back
Brushing feathers down your tummy
Feeding kisses to your sensitive silky skin
Breathing in your heavenly scent by your neck
Whispering wicked nothings in your ear
Hot and cold
Soft and hard
Slow and fast
Smooth and rough
I’ll have you following me into the gates of hell
Have you breathing wild and rapid
Have you weak in the knees
I’m right here to take care of you
Whenever you desire it you shall get it
However you want it i shall give it
What ever you offer i will drink it up till the last drop
Until the day i die i shall make it my life’s mission
Wishing that one day our souls shall intertwine
Longing to be one with you
Hoping I can have you for a lifetime
Yet knowing you barely exist..

Last Kiss

Ethereal Nymph…

She glides like an  unseen angel..

Hair as soft as silk..
The color of the glistering sun so glossy
Skin so smooth and velvety
Eyes so blue, so deep like a bottomless ocean
She kisses me severely and passionately
As if her very existence depends on it
I let her go for a second and she gasps for air 
Wanting me to consume her right there
Clawing her nails up and down my back she whispers in my ear
“Take me now” in a raspy smoky voice
I glance at her and think
“I must have been a seraph in my past life
To be gifted with such an ethereal beauty”