Lost The Light To Our Love..

You used to be my sunshine

The light that shines my path

But now you are the darkness that glooms above

The shadows passing behind me

I yearn for your deep, husky, sinister embraces

The small glow of light that guides me to the future is slowly blowing off

Now I’m left here all alone

In the dark

Unable to find my way

Locked away to  rot forever in this senseless abyss of sever loneliness

Me Against The Light….

I stand in the darkness perplexed
Trying to find the switch to no avail
Have been asleep for days
Yet the sun does not appear
Round and round i go searching for a way out
Shadows linger waiting for my last breath
I hear sounds of freedom and radiance flowing from afar
Just as I see a ray of hope
Gloom engulfs me once more
Like a flower i wilt to my inevitable demise

Two Worlds

picutre by Mohamed El-Fakharany

I live between two worlds
Running to and from each one 
Neither people in both worlds really know me
They all know bits and pieces i want them to know
And the rest is all hidden deep in my mind
Locked away in a small box
Never to be seen by anyone
This box is my real world
This is the world that i can be fully exposed
Fully open with no secret or camouflage
This is my world
I wish i could let them in, but its too late
I am forever in this darkness of seclusion
Trapped and chained up

 Drugged by the endorphins dripping slowly into my brain

I yearn to be saved
Please come and break me out of this self inflicted prison
And open up the door for the light to shine in
For all to know the real me..