Short story.. Broken.. Part 1..

As I step into the bedroom I’m stopped by a sudden smell of fresh roses at the door, knowing what a romantic Nick is, I quickly flicked on the light and there in the room was a sight I had been anticipating the whole night. The bed was covered with beautiful red rose pedals, which were scatted all over the room, bright red and white candles stood erect throughout the room and then realizing that I was ruining the sensational mood, I quickly turned the light back off.

I tip toed across the room towards our lavish bed where I found a sexy little lingerie which was absolutely breath taking. I heard the sound of a shower running in the bathroom and thought with a blissful smile pasted on my face

“I better get ready before he finishes his shower”, so I quietly nipped off my clothes all the while thinking he must have missed me a lot to do something so romantic and out of the ordinary like this. Don’t get me wrong, my husband used to be the most romantic man alive, for the first two months of our being together, then after we got married everything changed and he suddenly became this very busy man who hardly had time for me, but now it seemed like he is going back to his old romantic self with such exotic lingerie.

I finished putting on the lingerie and it fit perfectly as if it had been painted on my body, I finished off the naughty outfit with my sexiest stilettos which I had brought back with me from Paris. All ladies know that Jimmy Choo never goes wrong with his classically designed fabulous shoes. Then as I felt butterflies flying about in my tummy, I lay on the bed in a kitty cat pose and waited for him to come out of the bathroom.

Suddenly the bathroom door open and I had this intense change of emotion from excitement to shock, disgust and then finally anger.

“Rosie, you are back?” he asked in a trembling shameful voice and at that very moment I had already sprung like a hunting cheetah on cocaine at the naked girl who was standing behind him with a little smirk on her face.

To be continued..

Sweet Painful Adventure

Love is a sweet painful adventure

Pain intertwined with bliss
Laughter intertwined with tears
Adoration blended with loathe
Love is like the roaring tide in the sea
The pleasures of the flesh blind one as they embark on this journey of passion

Under the harvest moon

Tears for other charms may trickle

Flowering always with sweet light-fruit, whose growth is interior

In spite of of all the hardships, tribulations and confusion

What more could be hoped for

Than to keep the blaze from burning out

Because love is a fire which need to be refueled

What more can we hope for

If not to be selfish for more and more

To keep the dream with in the fantasy alive

And to keep love from dying

Picture By Mohamed Helal

Distant Love..

How delicious is the gift of love

Of a sweet embrace at love’s beginning

When two hearts intertwine with affection and adoration

As the bliss of desire and longing builds a wall of devotion and commitment

Ooh how I yearn with hunger for your tender gaze

How I ache for your doting prose

How I yearn with thirst for your warm caress

If only you were not so far away..

Mental Rubik’s Cube

When i was young i use to dream of ponies and paradise
Of living in a world filled with love, happiness and faith
All my problems could be washed away  by a simple kiss from my mother
I used to paint the world as i wanted it to be
Or write a story about the goodness and purity of life
The grayness or blueness of the exquisite sky
I would stay up all night thinking about being loved by that special man
We would take a stroll on the beach, with the sunset glowing in the background
The soft sea breeze would serenade our minds as we are closed off from the rest of the world
I would sit up by my bedroom window and write in my diary about all the stupid little things that were roaming in my naive young mind
I would dream about a world were there is no war, no revenge, hate or argument
A world were humans don’t fight because of religion, race, social class or any other little petty thing
At the smallest sight of any sadness, any pain in the world, i would cry all night because i just could not understand it
Oh how i was young and full of dreams, ambition, happiness and hope
As i sit here looking back at the past, i now see how my mind has been polluted by the world, by politics, by people
No longer do i wait for my knight in shinning amour, my prince, my superman
No more do i still hope for unconditional love, for paradise, for happiness, for peace in the world
No longer am i an inspired butterfly willing to spread my wings and explore the beautiful world
Now i see that all that is left in the world is the present..
And i don’t cry no more
Sometimes i wish i still had the innocence and naivety of a child that i was
All that i’m left with is my mental Rubik’s cube

What Ever Happened To Chivalry..??

What ever happened to chivalry
When a man would sing a Shakespeare sonnet to the woman he is wooing
When a man would write a soppy love letter and put it under his love’s door then graciously wait for her response
When he meets her, he would take her hand and gently kiss her soft Dorsum
When he would tell her “you are my sunshine, i look at you and i would rather than look at all the portraits in the world”
When a man would plant a whole garden of roses for her just so that every day she knows how much more beautiful than them she is
When she cries he would embrace her in his strong arms and rock her back and forth until she was all cried out
His kiss would be the most intoxicating and invigorating experience of her life
And the love making..ooh the love making …
He would ravage her until she was sore and her body would pulsate with shivers of pleasure
And on those days that she would be doubting his love
He would stroke her hair from her face, gently hold her face between his hands,look her straight in the eyes, and tell her 
“i love you so much i would,Cross the seven seas,battle through the snow,climb every mountain side and declare my love to you to everyone i meet on the way”
..Like i said before..Is chivalry dead??..

A Journey To Your Heart

I want to go on a trip
For tonight shall be the night i engrave my name on your heart
I want to fill your heart with pure stunning love
I want to feel your breath feeling like a ghost’s whisper on my bare shoulder
To feel your heart pulsating with blood
For this night i feel hollow and need you to satiate me with your passion
This night i will follow you to the ends of the world just to have a slight taste of you
I will wrestle the dragons, the beasts and any other creature to reach you
I will surrender myself for you to do as you please with me
And when you are finished i shall let you devour me again
And when we are done my name shall be carved forever on your heart
Then I will nest on your heart for all eternity
And thus my journey shall be complete

Substitute Lover..

Tonight i want more
Something more than fervor
Do you really love me underneath all the insatiable sex
Your breath feels like a ghost’s whisper
As we dig deeper and deeper
I thought you were my prince charming, sent to save me
Constantly charming and seductive with your slippery tongue
Coming into my life just when i needed you
Showering me with attention,pearls and diamonds
But always going back to her
Telling me you will leave her when the right time comes
Telling me that she is nothing compared to me
My heart shrieks with pain at the thought of you with her
Do you lay your hands on her the way you do me
Do you nibble on her fingers the way you do mine
Do you gulp from her open veins of love the way you drain mine
I guess i got exactly what i asked for
What i wanted so dreadfully
But tonight i want something more
Tonight i don’t want just pleasure because it leaves me bare
I won’t settle for just the thrill
So this is my notice to you
Because i will be your substitute lover no more

The Kiss Of A Temptress

From the beginning of time
She walked on a cloud of bliss
Like the night sky her eyes glisten 
Like the long silk slip her hair falls velvety over her shoulders
Her soft bosom plum and ripe, perfectly ready for her aficionado
Her soft skin one shade more appealing than the rays of the sun
Her garb wrapped around her like the vines of a lustful tree
Her feet as supple as a new born baby’s tush 
When she talks its like a melody taken from the songs of the springs
Heaving you closer as she wraps you in a trance of her words
Drowsing your mind with her fumes of allure
A rosy bruise appears from the lines where her fingers caress you
With her pouty lips she will give you the kiss of your demise
Sucking the existence and light out of you leaving only shadows of dusk
Leaving only stiff lifeless oozing darkness

Love Dazed

Im not sure how im feeling today
I guess i hate the way people look at me when they ask about you
I hate the way they sound when they talk to me about you
I hate the fact that i always have to lie about us
I hate the fact that things have changed so much
And worst of all the fact that you dont even realize that things have changed
I should not be feeling sad when i think of you, but that is the only feeling i get now
Anxiety mixed with sorrow and misery
Im not sure who is to blame, or even if anyone is to blame
But i just dont know anymore
Everyone used to be so envious of us
Of how we got on so well
How much we loved each other
How we did not care what anyone else thought about us
How we would do anything to be together
But now all they feel is pity for us
I guess what i can say is i’m confused by my love for you…
And i dont know how to counter the confusion..

Is This Love

When i think of you
i get chills down my spine
when i think about talking to you
My mind goes into overdrive
When i think about hearing your voice
I get butterflies in my tummy
When you touch me so softly
You make me forget your name
When i know you are somewhere alone
I get excited about seeing you again
When i think about you talking to some other girl
I get jealous because she is talking to you and i’m not
When i sleep at night
I have beautiful, wonderful dreams about us and our future
When i sit alone during the day
I have amazing fantasies and daydreams about you
When i finally see you
I feel so happy and exhilarated because we are together at last
When you hold me in your arms
I feel so safe and at home
When we are together every single day
I feel so complete
When i think of you
I start remembering that you are cold sometimes
When i think about talking to you
I wonder what you will say that will hurt me that day
When i think about hearing your voice
I feel a pit deep in my tummy
When you touch me so roughly
I feel like spiders are crawling up my body
When i know you are somewhere alone
I wonder what it is that you are doing that will hurt me
When i think about you talking to some other girl
I get so hurt because i know you are flirting with them
When i sleep at night
I have haunting night mares about us and our future
When i sit alone during the day
I check my phone a million times because i miss you so much
When i finally see you
I feel so down because you don’t seem to love that i am there
When you hold me in your arms
I feel so unsure
When we are together every single day
I feel like there is something missing
Is this what love is?