Forbidden Love..Part 3

He was driving like a maniac, swerving and almost going head first onto an oncoming truck. For the past few months his wife had been unnaturally jolly. Her whole behavior has been different, uplifted. She has been caring more about her looks, clothes and even started working out. Caring more about him and trying her best to make sure things between them are great.

At first he thought he must be doing something right and finally making her happy, but then he realized it had nothing to do with him, he noticed small changes, new sexy underwear, hushed whispers on the phone, spending more time outside the house with her friends and the utter lack of passion and heat in their love making.

Ahmed had fully concluded that his wife was having an affair. That’s when he came up with a plan to catch her in the act and confirm his suspicions. He told her he was going on a business trip for the week and hired a private investigator to let him know when his wife meets her lover, then went to hide out at a hotel. Now as he hurried back to his house he wished he had never gotten the call. He kept replaying the words over and over in his head.

Your suspicions where right and they are in your house this very minute” the private investigator said over the phone.

Ahmed did not even wait to hear the rest of the findings and was out of the door in a heartbeat. As he was entering his driveway his heart was beating so hard he thought it would pop out from his chest. As he slowly and quietly opened the living room, he still wished the P.I was wrong, but as he neared the stairs he heard the sounds. He heard her moaning and screaming and pictured her quivering with pleasure as a man caressed her soft, plum body, as he ravished and kissed her.

He walked slowly up the stairs, the sounds getting louder as he got closer to the bedroom door, the sounds made his skin crawl, he felt the hair on his back stand.

Where is he?” He yelled furiously as he slammed the bedroom door open.

Oh my god Ahmed! What are you doing here?!”  Yara shrieked in disbelieve and shame.

Where is the bastard you are fucking?” he roared through the bedroom, ripping the sheets from his wife’s hands as she tried to cover herself up in futility.  He stomped through the room looking under the bed, in the bathroom, out of the window, behind the curtains and as he jerked open the closet door his emotions went into turmoil from pain, to fury and finally confusion.

Anaise?!” He stared at her feeling like he had just been kicked in the gut..

To be continued with the final part… 🙂

Forbidden Love Part 2

In any other world he could tell the difference. The difference between just one of my girl friends and the love of my life, the adventure I’m going through, the woman who makes a shiver go down my spine just from her gaze. We sit acrooss from each other with him in the room right next to ours. Talking about the latest novel we read but not really concentrating because I want to tear her clothes off with my teeth. The thoughts are rampaging through my mind more and more today because of the fact that we might get caught.
“So how is it going with you ladies” Ahmed says,pulling me away from my delicious fantasy.
“oh everything is just great, it seems your wife is not only beautiful but also brilliant” Anaise responded with a coy smile around her face. Teasing him with her words she continued the conversation with him as he sat next to me and listened attentively.
How blissfully ignorant he is,I thought to myself. The three of us talked about politics( which my husband fully explained they are not for women as we are too emotional) then moved on to books( again he clearly stated his sexist remarks here) and began talking about hair and clothes and finally he got bored and just stared out into space.

After an hour I told him I’m going with Anaise to get my hair done and we left with the driver dropping us off at Anaise’s house. The moment we got through the door our clothes flew off as if we were on fire, she kissed me everywhere and made me feel pleasure from places I didn’t even know existed.
” Isn’t Ahmed going to realize your hair looks the same and suspect you lied?” Anaise asked while moving her hands slowly up and down my tummy after our blissfully tiring lovemaking.
“Not at all, he has never really acquired the power of observation” I laughed as I answered her. The truth is Ahmed never notices the little changes I try to do to make myself pretty for him, he never even tells me he thinks I am beautiful, so is it wrong that I fell in love with such a magnificent French beauty who thinks that I am a goddess?!

To be continued….

Girl Behind The Veil….

My eyes pull you in as i pass by

I hide my face in modest beauty
I conceal the splendor of my hair in a coverage
As i sashay down the road, the shape of my body stays unseen
For I do not need to show my striking curves to believe i am attractive
Without the protection of the veil i am a prisoner of your eyes
For my husband only to see i wear the veil in sacredness