I’m tired…

So fucking tired…
Tired of being good..
Being the good girl..
Being the good daughter..
Being the good sister..
Being the good friend..
Being the good mother fucking girlfriend..
Being so fucking good it hurt..
Making every other sorry soul happy..
While I live in misery..
I’m exhausted…
Of having to be the mature one..
Being the bigger man..
Holding it all in..
While i live in emotional turmoil..
Of being the one who has to call..
The one who has to fix your bloody problems..
The one who has to keep things intact..
Im worn out…
So fucking worn out of being a doormat..
The one everyone wipes all their shit on whenever they please..
Do you know how bloody fucking tiring this shit is…
Im just so fucking tired…

15 thoughts on “I’m tired…

  1. “Why fear letting it be known that you are a P.L.P. – both a Public Leaning Post and a Poor Lonely Person? Exploring whatever is holding you back can be salutary.”

    – From “The Book Of Guff”.

    It seems you have decided to speak out. You owe it to yourself to honour its wholeness.

  2. “Being so fucking good it hurts”
    So true…sometimes you struggle and get torn from the inside out to make a certain decision but people wouldn’t realize how much it has taken it’s toll on you.

  3. I do understand this poem. I feel like a great escape and cannot. Powerful words loaded with emotion. Thank you for sharing your excellent and enjoyable words and poetry.

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