Is it possible for your heart to hurt so bad the pain feels physical..
For a heart to actually cry..
For you to feel like there’s a lead weight on your chest…
To feel like you have been punched in the chest….
And that your insides are about to rupture and come out through your mouth…
To feel like someone thrust their hand down your throat..
And started pulling your soul right from within you…


15 thoughts on “Drowning…

      • It does… But there are times when I feel it resurface. The hardest thing for me to do was to “let go”. I had to accept that even though we had been married for 24yrs… This was the end. I had to let go of all my desires to try to make it work, all my desires to “keep him”…. It was hard. Still is sometimes, but yes, it gets better. It took me 7 weeks before I could get through a weekend with out having a melt down. That was the best weekend I had in years! But on the 8th weekend… I fell to pieces again. I look forward to my 9th weekend being another great one!

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