No doubt…

I have no doubt sweetheart

That you could be mine
That I could be your forever
That I could make you forget
That I could steal your heart
That I could make you my world

I have no doubt that I could love you fully and completely..
For eternity..
If only you would give me one more night..


13 thoughts on “No doubt…

  1. Hello my darling girl!! I just happened to see that you stopped by today and wrote a post of your own~ I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed you! Always close to my heart and never far from my mind, sweetie, but I have been overwhelmed of late, as you can imagine, and don’t ever seem to have enough time to write those e-mails like I used to 😦 I just wanted to be sure and personally send you my brightest Merry Christmas wishes for you, with all the blessings from God that you can stand. Big bear hugs and smooches, with all my love, Mama

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