I Want To Live…

I’m so sick and tired..

Sick and tired of existing…
I want to live..
Not just exist..
Drifting in and out of days..
Doing whats expected of me..
School, University, Work, Marriage, Kids..
Until one day I finally die..
I feel drained, hollow, devoid of meaning..
I walk and travel the long road..
I fly, swim, drive, paddle..
Searching, aching for a path to take..
Searching for a purpose..
Searching for happiness..Not just contentment..
I want to run far from home and get lost in the wilderness..
I want to jump into the darkness and face the demons..
I want to dive into the ocean and discover the unimaginable..
I want to lose myself in life.. get drunk off her tits..
I want to feel alive..
I mean really live… Not just exist..

16 thoughts on “I Want To Live…

  1. Where have you been girl… probably say the same about me… minus the girl part 🙂
    Sure did write about what a lot of us go through… very on point. (lose myself in life) oh , yeah!!!!

    • Hey Mike, University has been kicking my butt, but im back now, And i’m glad you are back also.. :-D.. And yeah, i guess we all go through this phase at some point in life.. 🙂

  2. Pointing out the irony of everyones life! few months ago i was in the same state and pulled myself back up to stay content. Somehow, after my first solo travel, life as a nomad suddenly seems more attractive.

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