Fire And Ice


We are like fire and ice..

My flaming heat…

To your freezing cold…

My kisses warm up your arctic soul…

Your caresses calms my scalding spirit…

Sparks fly into the frost as we lust for each other..

Entwined together we perform a sinful dance…

24 thoughts on “Fire And Ice

  1. Excellently expressed. And love the title. I have always loved the thought, the very thought of FIRE/ice….

    • hello, thank you for coming by, i’m glad you love my work and the artwork most of it I get from google images, i believe you can use it as long as it has no copyright issues. 🙂

    • Hi there.. im guessing you mean the artist of he picture which im not really sure. Pictures used for my post come right from the internet not from me unless stated otherwise. 🙂 Thanks for the visit

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