Night And Day…


Like night and day we are…

Your strong chiseled features..
A contrast to my soft,supple curves..
Your rough, powerful touches..
Against my light feather-like strokes..
Your  deep, intense voice..
To my gentle, silky tones..
Your brilliant, sharp intellect..
To my passionate, artistic mind..
With each glorious feel..Each luscious embrace..
Each flirtatious gaze..Each momentary connection..
We bare our souls for each other eternally and for ever more..
We are as different as night and day..
And like night and day we were destined for each other..

18 thoughts on “Night And Day…

  1. You may know me as Bill, the male author for KELSUEG@Wordpress
    I have been reading your work for some time now and have seen how much you have grown.

    This last poem hit every part of my heart and soul because kelsueg once way back in the 1980″s told me she felt for me the same as you do for your man in this poem.

    I have to say Thank You and good luck in your life.
    You have a beautiful soul.

    Nuf Said.

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