To be…Or Not To Be..

My life..
My love..
My only one..
Or so i thought..
You, my dream,my fantasy..
No longer my reality..
My source of light,of joy, of love, of all things wonderful..
Now my cause for pain, for heartache, for pure torture..
You, who captured my soul, my heart in beautiful rose nets..

Now leaves me captured in torment, in black vines of death..
With no hope, no faith of survival..
I crave for your adoration, your touch, your voice..
Because you are mine no more..
I long for your memories to leave me..
Night in and day out your face haunts my existence..


20 thoughts on “To be…Or Not To Be..


    The sea of love
    Ebbs and flows
    Just as the moon
    Waxes and wanes

    It is the breathing
    Of the universe

    Our chests, our loves
    Rise and fall
    Yet our hearts
    Keep on beating

    As above, so below
    So within, so without
    Expansion and contraction
    Without that we would die

  2. Totally love the theme of your page – so artistic.

    The picture, let alone the words – excellent. Feel it all. Been there, & very done that. You express this emotion very well.

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