Oh Sweetheart..


Love me tender..
Love me whole..
Love me entirely..
Love me deeply..
Love me thoroughly..
Love me bare..
Love me with a flaming urge..
Love me now..
Love me tomorrow..
Love me forever..


Merry Christmas!

As the year comes to an end,

Memories were made,

Friendships were discovered,

Loved ones might have been lost,

Miracles rained upon us,

Dreams came true,

Plans were executed…

But most importantly

Love was created and shared amongst all!!!

As we celebrate this special day,

Remember to always be grateful for all you have

And do something at least once a day to put a smile on someone’s face!

A very Merry, Jolly, happy, hyper Christmas to all

May this day be filled with hope, laughter, adoration,family and all around merriness.


My Birthday In Nigh!

Time..Flows swiftly..
Sometimes slowly..
Passing me by..
Stringing me along..
pushing me through the gates..
Is it a lowly day..
Is it a decade..
My soul feels awfully glum..
Am i alone..
For i feel deserted, secluded, desolate..
Oh how i have grown to loathe this day..
This epoch that i was born on..

My birthday is tomorrow and i’m a continent away from my familia, so i’m kind of feel extra lonely this year..

Fact Is…

My love for you is not a feeling…
It is a fact…
Same as the sun rising…
The blue of the sky…
The changing of the seasons…
The shining stars in the night sky…
The blooming flowers in the spring time…
Fact is darling…
Enchanted me you have…
My need for you comes naturally…
Like the air in my lungs..


Weak On Your Knees

Weak on your knees
Dripping syrup on your body
Slipping an ice cube down your back
Brushing feathers down your tummy
Feeding kisses to your sensitive silky skin
Breathing in your heavenly scent by your neck
Whispering wicked nothings in your ear
Hot and cold
Soft and hard
Slow and fast
Smooth and rough
I’ll have you following me into the gates of hell
Have you breathing wild and rapid
Have you weak in the knees
I’m right here to take care of you
Whenever you desire it you shall get it
However you want it i shall give it
What ever you offer i will drink it up till the last drop
Until the day i die i shall make it my life’s mission
Wishing that one day our souls shall intertwine
Longing to be one with you
Hoping I can have you for a lifetime
Yet knowing you barely exist..

Last Kiss