I Breathe You… For You..

Has it really been this long?

I gaze at you in disbelief
4 years 8 months?
Seems more like 4 days 8 hours
Not knowing you were out there before we met wounded my heart
I lived my life in  bewildered despair
I didn’t realize how much I needed and wanted you
Until i set my eyes on you
Then my whole life fell into place
You make me want to run far far way
Yet you yield me to yearn to cling hard on to you
Every second we are apart
I miss you more than the sunshine
Iv longed for you for so long I feel as though Iv lived my whole life with this hunger
You quench my thirst with your love and your devotion
Without you i just might willow away into nothingness..

28 thoughts on “I Breathe You… For You..

  1. Nobody said it was easy. Nobody understands everybody. Until we become as no-body we do not understand that all we understand about love is that love is all there is in all directions. Look into the mirror and discover nothing, if not Noboby loves you but yourself! I am you!!! ~~~~^^8^^~~~~

  2. Wow! So lovely and so deep. Well it made me remember how much I’ve loved somebody and the lovelorn I’ve lived, but nowadays, unfortunately love went away. Love is amazing, however it hurts. It’s very hard to miss somebody as you said, “I miss you more than the sunshine.”

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