You lay me across your chest
Sated and deliciously exhausted we cling to each other
I play with your chest hair between my fingers
For the thousandth time admiring how ruggedly manly you are
Will you stay with me forever?” I question idly
Darling some questions are better unanswered
In a husky and lazy voice you answered, planting a kiss on my head
Jerking my head up i stare into your dark sexy eyes
Yearning and longing to excavate the thoughts in your beautiful head
Yet getting lost and distracted by my sudden surge of desire for you
There is nothing sexier than a man’s sleepy eyes
Sleep, you seem delightfully drained
You purred with a feral half smile as you lay my head on your masculine chest
My chest tightened , my heart was straining with my love for you
Why does this feel like you are saying goodbye
I wondered as i drifted off to sleep..

33 thoughts on “Unanswered…

  1. The question is better left unanswered? That sounds like goodbye to me. The young man probably has alternative ideas concerning “forever”. Post full of passion, sending sensations through heart and skin. These fears may be genuine; it cannot last forever. Lovely and creative. Intriguing, enticing or tempting!

  2. Wonderfully sensuous! You’ve described it very well. I guess the girl’s feelings are mirrored by all of us. We want to hold on and on… when it’s best to enjoy the moment and let go. isn’t it?

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