Naked Poetry..

I lie here yours for the taking…
I lay it all out..
Explore as I know you desire..
You leave scars on my soul..
You hackle away into oblivion..
I no longer crave to subsist…
Eyes lost in a planet of no hope…

Flamming Out..



Could it be our love is fading..
With every action we take..
We grow further apart..
The glow gets darker by the second..
Leaving it only a flicker of light..
A flicker of hope..
A flicker of memories..
Forever lost in this damned darkness..

Under Your Touch

Under your touch is where I blossom

Into a beautiful flower I bloom

Taking the form of your unfathomable longing

Loving me amply you bore deeply into me

Possessing me so completely there is no separation between us

I quivered and tensed from  your persistent insatiable tortures

I must indulge in you now

I need you more than I ever have anything in my existence

More than my next breath..

Girl In The Mirror

Look into my eyes
Do you see what i see
Do you see the torment
Your glimpse is so hypnotic I ache for you
Felling a dark twinge deep inside me
Completely mystified I turn away
Not being courageous enough to gaze into those cold eyes
Unbearably soul less, they suck me in
Filling me wholly and utterly with agony
Becoming one with those eyes i no longer exist
No longer know the difference
Are you me..
 Am I you….
Am I hallucinating….
Will I ever know…

Nobody Said It Was Easy..

I tell you i love you
You run for the hills
I tell you you are mine
You frown in disbelief
I hold you close wishing you would do the same
You hold me lightly and feebly
Questioning my every action
Oh my darling why do you doubt me so?
Why has this fear gripped your heart?
Ours could be the love spoken of in poem,
Sang about in songs, 
Written about in novels,
Danced about by ballerinas,
Our souls,bodies and hearts could be eternally intertwined
If only you can push through the pain..


You lay me across your chest
Sated and deliciously exhausted we cling to each other
I play with your chest hair between my fingers
For the thousandth time admiring how ruggedly manly you are
Will you stay with me forever?” I question idly
Darling some questions are better unanswered
In a husky and lazy voice you answered, planting a kiss on my head
Jerking my head up i stare into your dark sexy eyes
Yearning and longing to excavate the thoughts in your beautiful head
Yet getting lost and distracted by my sudden surge of desire for you
There is nothing sexier than a man’s sleepy eyes
Sleep, you seem delightfully drained
You purred with a feral half smile as you lay my head on your masculine chest
My chest tightened , my heart was straining with my love for you
Why does this feel like you are saying goodbye
I wondered as i drifted off to sleep..