My dark knight…

Dark knight you believe you are

Soul less you keep telling me
Unlovable you proclaim to me once again
Shadows cast behind your gray guarded eyes
Unreadable as you move towards me
You kiss me with fevered passion 
Desperately seeking for my love
As if your life depended on it
As if it is the last kiss you will ever taste
As if mine are the only lips you will ever brush against
Taking me in, holding me so tight it deliciously hurts
Breathing me in as if this is the last breath you will ever take
I sense the panic in your embrace
Fear of losing me is driving you to the brink of never letting me go
To you my dark knight i tell you
You are nothing if not the most beloved man on earth
I am now and forever yours to never lose..

31 thoughts on “My dark knight…

  1. Oh Abbi…..I LOVE this! As a big fan of romance and passion, and the dark hunger that sometimes accompanies it… wrote from the depths of your heart and from a vision that is rare…..truly we are kindred spirits and understand that place we express from, words that are kissed with eternal love……so very amazing, a wonderful job on this poem…..I am bookmarking it to come back to it again later…… 🙂
    Thank you
    love and light

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