I Can’t Make You Love Me…

The following poem was inspired by a beautiful, yet very sad song that i have loved for years..

The lights dim and i see you in my dreams

I’m saving my love for you
But you are loving another
My heart throbs as i watch you with her
You hold her so tenderly
You kiss her so passionately
You walk hand in hand and my world crumbles
I cant get no satisfaction
All night long i wish and pray

But I cant make you love me

Love hurts love destroys
Love leaves me lifeless
Love disappears
But my love for you wont fade away
This is the song that inspired me to write this poem.. 🙂 hope you like both the song and the poem..



25 thoughts on “I Can’t Make You Love Me…

  1. Beautiful poem.

    I think one has to be lovable to make people love them, I think that about myself for sure , maybe I am not lovable.. so why wud she fall in love with me or how do I make her fall in love with me..

    Just my stupid thought.

    • hahaha… it’s not stupid.. but i dont know because i myself have never experienced a situation like this, but maybe there are people who are too lovable to the point where they make everyone love them.. 🙂

  2. My goodness, Abbi, this is so sad! I can feel her remorse and feelings of love for this man…..What a hard situation to endure, you conveyed the emotion very well. I only hope she realizes her own unique and invaluable worth, and moves on to find someone worthy of her love! 🙂

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