Incurable Romantic

As you lie here on my arms

Sleeping like an angle
Enjoying the rocking and rhythm of my body
I question what is on your pure mind
So simple and untouched by humanity and the world
Your cries so painful and devastating
Your laughter so jovial and carefree
ooh my child.. how i wish i could keep it so
Protect you from all the peril of this planet
I will forever hold you in a tight embrace
And i love you with senseless passion
Because you are my reason for waking up in the morning, my gift, my light, my life
Because of you i am an incurable romantic…….

34 thoughts on “Incurable Romantic

  1. Great beauty in this, Abi.

    In a comment on my site you noted how there had been so many “coincidences” around the sea and the ocean. So strange, then, when you post “Incurable Romantic” when I recently posted “The Eternal Romantic”!!!

    BTW, did you mean to write ‘angel’ here rather than ‘angle’? Both make sense, of course, but I am still left wondering. Please enlighten me, if you will.

    • thank you so much for your comment, and im glad you enjoy it.. wooww.. i guess there is just the coincidence of writing the same type of poems..hahaha… btw i did mean to write angle.. :-D… it probably wont make sense to some people though huh?

  2. “Angle”. Thank you for clearing that up.

    I have always loved the image in your heading. Where is it from? I have been toying with the idea of using it as the basis for a poem. Is that possible? Is it a picture of yours, or did you get it from somewhere that might not be happy if I use it?

    • oooh i think it would be ok if you want to use it, it is fine… the picture is from a friend of mine and they wouldnt mind.. :-D…. plus I’m kind of curious now to know how the poem will turn out… 😀

      • Well, I have to say the first version ended up in the bin, even the proposed title.. 🙂 Now I’m working on finishing something else. But I’ll return to it in due course. Please tell your friend I really love her painting. So atmospheric. I don’t want my words to bring it down.

    • Thank you mum!! 😀 i think being a mother is the most beautiful and fulfilling, untill they become teenagers and turn your life upside down that is..hahaha….hopefully one day i will be able to experience that joy!! 🙂

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