Wear my love…

Some love makes you do wrong
Some love makes you do right
Our kind of love baby makes the world seem right
Even when it’s not
Just hold on to me my darling
And I’ll make sure you feel good when everything seem bad
Because with me by your side honey
Life will seem like a bed of roses
On a warm summer day 
Over the rainbow

This i promise you…


26 thoughts on “Wear my love…

  1. Words of love and words of promises – very important in life – even if we can’t promise light and flowers all the way. The significant is – to try…and to express it to the ones we love… 🙂
    Lovely write

  2. Love! If only we keep to our words and fulfil the promises we make, life would have been paradise! Every word here sounds so sweet and if the one who speaks them lives true to them then life will be as sweet for the one who wears such love. Great poem!

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